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Uploaded Korea Picture In Facebook. Visit korea On Seoul

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Korea Trip Taking Five Star Tours And Uploaded The Travel Too.

Update !!! ^^ Check In At Changi International Airport - Terminal 2 Row 6

Wa ! Now a day... Singapore weather so hot... Hot until cannot stand liao... My korea trip coming. Nov 19 go korea to 26 than come back. Going korea is 1 week. We visit seoul 6 person will be going and the price is way expensive as usual so as the flight.

Here are korea climate change and the electricity and korea is 1 hour ahead of Singapore.

Climate will be 4 seasons in korea. But, this month of november going there is Autume season. The temperature average is between 10 degreed to 1 degreed or below too.

Electricity current will be either 110 or 220 volts. AC current and 60 Hz between. I also will find plugs with two flat pins or with round pins. Flat pins will be 110 volts and the round pins will be 220 volts.

The most worst news is their services so Ex. =,="

Korea Tour Guide : USD $2 per person, per day

Driver : USD $2 per person, per day

Singapore Tour Leader : USD $1 per person, per day

Per Person : USD $5 Per day include adult And children.

All this will be pay based on from the day of departure to korea till the end of the tour

Getting Around Seoul
- Three Types Of Taxi - Regular, Deluxe and call taxie
- Regular Taxi Fare : Starts from 1600 won, after midnight surcharge is 20% and taxis equipped with " Interpretation Service "
- Deluxe Taxi Fare : Starts from 3000 won, no late night surcharge and all drivers speak basic English.
- Call Taxi Fare : Advisable to discuss before my boarding. Tel : 02 414 0150

- Basic Fare : 700 won ( Approx S$0.80 cents For Singapore )
- Prepaid Tickets : 5000, 10000 or 20000 won

Here are the Itinerary

Day 1 / Meal / Hotel ( Friday )
Nov 19
In Plane. Seafood Meal
Hotel have not visit yet...
Singapore Fly to Seoul.
Day 2 / Meal / Hotel ( Saturday )
Nov 20
Meal : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Hotel : Jeju Pacific
Visit Jeju - Yongduam Rock
- Mysterious Road
- Seongsan Sunrise Peak
- Jeju Glass Castle
- Tangerine Orchard
Day 3 / Meal / Hotel ( Sunday )
Nov 21
Meal : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Hotel : Jeju Pacific
- Yachting,
-Pacific Land Watch Dolphines/Sealion And Monkey Show
- Teddy Bear Museum
- Sulloc Green Tea Museum
- Hueree Farm Watch Animals Show
(Pigs/Rabbits Etc ) Feeding, Pigs Show
And Prune Juice Etc
Day 4 / Meal / Hotel ( Monday )
Nov 22
Meal : Breakfast/Dinner
Hotel : Phoenix Hanwha Resort
Western/Tatami Rooms
- Everland ( Rides Pay For Day Ticket )
- Yeoju Factory Outlet
- Phoenix Blue Canyon Theme Park
Day 5 / Meal / Hotel ( Tuesday )
Nov 23
Meal : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Hotel : The Club 300 Membership Hotel
- Fun And Farm Experience
- Sheep Feeding, Cheese Making
- Mt Seoraksan National Park
- Science Cable Car Ride
- Gwongeumseong Fortress
- Shinhungsa Temple
Day 6 / Meal / Hotel ( Wednesday )
Nov 24
Meal : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Hotel : Imperial Palace
- Wine Gallery
- Ice Gallery
- Gyeongbokgung Palace
- Cheong Wa Dae
- Dongdaemun Markets And Shopping Mall
Day 7 / Meal / Hotel ( Thurday )
Nov 25
Meal : Outside Korea ( Eat On Your Own )
Hotel : Imperial Palace
- Kimchi Making
- Korean Traditional Hanbok
- Ginseng Show Room
- Amethyst Gem Factory
- Natural Health Show Room
- Jump Show
- Myeongdong Shopping Street
Day 8 / Meal / Hotel ( Friday )
Nov 26
Ouside Korea ( Eat On Your Own )
No Hotel - Go Airport Time To Depart From Korea Seoul =(
- Seaweed Gallery
- Cosmetic House ( Yay !!! My Favourite ) ^^
- Provision Shop
Last Day Before Go korea Airport And Depart To Singapore.
That's All. End Update !!! ^^

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Friday, September 17, 2010

♂ - Of Guys And Girls And To Understand More On The Brain - ♀

The physical differences between the guys and the girls are very obvious, but what about the other aspects about them ? Let's explore some of the common differences between the guys and the girls. It will not be judgemental, but will objectively look at some general observations. I should try to understand the differences rather than gloat over them, feel threatened by them,mock,reject or condemn them. It will be a bad event if it happen...

Neither should we adopt a fatalistic attitude towards them since nurturing and technology can narrow the gender differences. It is observed that girls write better, but computerised grammar checkers, and online thesauri can give the guys a boost. Guys are seen to be better at visualising objects in space, but give baby girls plenty of building blocks and baby jig-saw puzzles to play with, and the results could be surprising.
Girls are better when it comes to talking, reading, multi-tasking, figuring out emotions of a person from the expression on the face. But are not good with some spatial problems like finding directions. Girls are also more emotional.

Why are girls different in these ways ???

A study into the history of the roles played by girls and guys will give us some clues into these behavioural aspects. For Women they evolved as child-bearers,child-carers and homemakers.
For generations, women functioned in these roles. It is not surprising that the female brain became wired to look after, nurture, nourish and care for people around them, especially their children.
For Men on the other hand, traditionally were hunters, providers of physical needs like food, defenders and problem-solvers. It is during the old times... long ... long ... ago... The differences between men and women are more than merely skin-deep. The differences are actually ingrained in the brains.
Modern scientific research on the brain supports this if i am not wrong...
>>> Brain divides into "Left Brain"( Left Cortex) and "Right Brain"(Right Cortex) activities.

The left cortex is active, while the right is at rest when a person is working on problems involving analysis, facts, logic, numbers, words, etc...
The right cortex takes care of activities involving colour, emotions, imagination, rhythm, etc...

The left brain tends to be involved in concrete,systematic activities while the right seems to be more engaged in creative and emotional activities.
The left and the right sides are connected by an organ called "corpus callosum". More studies on the brain show two differences between the male and female brains which account for some of the differences between guys and girls. First, the corpus callosum is bigger in the female brain. This means a girl tends to use both sides of the brain in any activity, while the guy usually uses only the left or the right side of the brain. That is, one side at a time.

This makes talking smoothly for the domain of girls. Remember the left brain takes care of activities involving words, while the right looks after activities involving imagination and ideas. A scan of the female brain shows that both the left and right sides are working actively while a girl converses.
Do you know that an average girl uses the whole brain when she talks. She relays more messages back and forth between the left and right brain. While an average guy does not express his ideas or feelings so readily in words because he has a lower level of brain linkage.
This is an example >>> An argument of a girl tends to become emotional, while for the guy, his argument is structural. When stressed or frustrated, a girl usually becomes more voluble while the guy tends to calm down. Why ???
The functions that control emotions are in the right brain which is well used while a girl talks. For a guy, the left side is more actie while he talks. His emotions controlled by the right side are not really involved. When he gets upset and emotional, his right brain is active, while his left brain becomes quiet. He lapses into silence which usually infuriates his female companion, who takes it as a sign that her partner is sulking and uncommunicative.
In general, a girl's speech communicates feelings, while a guy communicates ideas on solving a problem when he talks. After all, the left brain takes care of activities that involve words as well as those that involve facts and logic. Unfortunately, this difference again could infuriate his girlfriends who is not really interested in hearing advice or ways to solve the problem. She just wants to talk about her day and air her feelings.
I believe that different patterns in communication and thinking can cause tension.

The female is capable of reading people faces, as well as text, better than her male counterpart.
Why is this so ??? >>> This is again because of her bigger corpus callosum. Reading text or guessing emotions from facial expressions requires activities from both sides of the brain.
It is now very apparent why girls are better at multi-tasking, while the guys are more task-oriented. The male brain tends to do one task at a time, then turns it off before doing another. It is not common to see a guy talking on a cellular phone and glancing through holiday brochures at the same time. Neither is it a common sight to see a guy having a conversation with more than one person on different issues.

Evolution gave the bigger corpus callosum to the girls so that they could feel, empathise and multi-task better. Try looking after a few children of different ages and managing a home at the same time, and you will experience how invaluable the bigger corpus callosum is. If you are a girl. A guy's brain has more white matter. White matter is different from gray matter which is associated with intelligence. White matter is associated with spatial skills, like the ability to judge distances and the ability to track one bearings.

White Matter

Guys are better at finding their way around a strange neighbourhood. Girls depend on familiar landmarks. In antiquity, men needed spatial skills to hunt or fight off enemies. They needed to be accurate at aiming their weapons or they would go hungry or worse still end up dead. They also needed to be able to find their way back to their dwellings after chasing animals or ememies across the land.

Evolution gave them more white matter to be able to survive. This translates into guys being able to do parallel parking with ease in modern times, to understand a three-dimensional structure of a building just by seeing a plan.

There are other differences between the nmale and the female brain. Not all the facts, femininity or masculinity can be explained too by the differences in the brains. Hormones also play a part. Even if we explore the effects of hormones. I will conclude Science alone cannot account for the differences between the male and the female psyche.

Upbringing, cultural and social norms are also very important. In general, Girls need love, and guys need respect. Of course, it does not imply that girls do not need respect, or that guys do not need love. Both of them need love and respect.

That All's To All Readers.

♂ - The End - ♀

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N Level Start This Monday - 6/9/2010 =(

Sorry To All Readers.
My N Level Will Be Starting On This Monday.
I am Now Very "Nervous"
N Level Only Have One Time Only.
Fail Or Pass, Depends On My Strength Now... =(
The Good News Is.... When My N Level Exam ends.
I Will Be Going To Korea In S.e.o.u.L For 8 Days.
So Cool ! First Time Going there.
My Relatives Also Will Be Coming To My Place.
For BBQ. Yay ! So Good.
Ok ! Update Complete And Bye Now Readers. :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

About My School And Today I And My Sec 3 Friends After School Eat Lunch Together At Bukit Panjang Plaza (Bpp).

This is Assumption English School At Bukit Timah Road. My school :D

Our School Crest ! But, i also dunno what it means... Lolx... =,="

I know the school very well, But, crest dunno...

Leader ! Thinker And Learner >>> Our School Motto

Not quite long during cpa lesson... Going in other website and search. Hahaz.... =)
Luckily no kana get caught... =~="

Wa ! Some Dvd disc at Bukit Panjang Plaza (Bpp) $6 Offer Only.

So cheap...

Sorrry readers if cannot see. This is The Blood Pledge Korean Horror Movie.

I watch in the internet already. It is scary ... And the price so ex too...

This not i bought the Horror Dvd movie. Is my sec 3 friends. Never take his picture too.
Because he dun like it... =,="

Btw, If i never go bpp. I guess this show Chupacabra Terror (NC16)He cannot buy lo. Because too scary i guess.
But, me repeat 1 year due to fail a Important Exam.

Than the casher, Ask me to show IC.

So,i show lo. Than he got that show already.

How lucky is he.

For Lunch. We buy Ice Kachang.

We Bought both and eat and later he and me eat other food. That's All

End Of Post. Give Comment's If Got And Thx For The Visit To My Blog.

♥ (●̮̮̃•̃)(●̮̮̮̮̃̃•̃̃)
♥ /█\ /█\

Friday, August 13, 2010

Went To Vivo City To Eat Our lunch.

Last few weeks ago, Me my parent's and my relative went to vivo to eat lunch at Hei Se Hui.
When we reach there. We waiting for a waiter to serve the food for us. as we wait on the table we see a very nice and chispy food for us to try.

Guess what is this ??? >>> Is Fried Fish Skin...
When my first try. I was addicted to it and keep on eating... and eating this fried fish skin.
If, u got go vivo city eat lunch. Must try the hei se hui restaurant. Is a chinese restaurant and also got some nice dian xing too.
But, also i duno why the name want put hei se hui.

After lunch ended... I take some picture outside vivo near hei se hui restaurant.
Some Random photo
That's only lunch... After that we eat bread and drink some kopi.

But, me. I perfer drinking Milo Dinosaur ! Hmm, mmm... is so nice and sweet. If u drink before than u will know lo. : D

Hmm... Ferrero Rocher Chocolate nice. I take picture wan.
After i take picture finish. I open and eat lo. :)
Me, Two days eat finish lo... : D

My parent's buy 3 packet i guess.
One pack inside got 6 potong ice cream.
For potong ice cream i prefer Red Bean.
Buy at fair price. Quite ex last time
But, now i got many is due to got offer.
Luckily lor.

I am now selling boys town carnval. I got two ticket need to sell lo. So sian. Now have not even sell yet. One ticket for $10 if u wan buy all. U can also choose $1 or $2.
Every student in my school have two sell two ticket.
The teachers have to sell at least 10 ticket means they must have total $100
We all as student total need $20 only.
Than have to pass out... Wa !
That All... Byes ! Readers !

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Look Into f(x) Members ~ Unique Charms ~

As a group, F(x) has become one of the most popular girl groups in the music industry after releasing their first mini album, ‘NU ABO‘.
F(x) is a 5-member group, consisting of
Victoria (23), Amber (18), Luna (17), Sulli (16), and Krystal (16).
Despite the group’s average age being 18, they have been showing off their solid skills and unique personalities, challenging SNSD who is under the same managament. Their previous singles ‘LA chA TA‘ and ‘Chu~‘ were both hits, making the group’s name known. Along with promoting ‘NU ABO‘, the members have been participating on different variety shows, showing off each of their unique charms.
Music playlist below >>> The Music is from F(x) Nu Abo for the first starting song for my blog.
Enjoy listening :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

At Jurong Point Mall Enjoying With Family. :D

Went to Jurong Point with my parent's that time and the place is way to big... I guess jurong point this building is new. That's why is big. Many Shop, Many food, Many game... Hahaz, My favourite in singapore is to aim those game shop. So i know when the price of the game drop and to see any lastest online game or Pc game out.

When is lunch time, We went to this shop in jurong Point name " Red Lacquer " This restaurant is from penang is very famous on the food they cook and serve. So please try and feel the food sensation. :)

Outside the restaurant, Taking the food and share in blog what they have.

I order Penang Hokkien Char Mee and nice. Sweet ! I like the taste.

A Few day my parent's bought me this. Oxy Cover i choose to help me recover on my pimples... Now i wash my face with facial wash everyday i bath and after that apply Oxy Cover on my face. It really help much and i am glad to clear away those. Pimples .... ! Eeeee.... ! Total they are Oxy 5, Oxy 10, Oxy 15 and Oxy Cover where by i never see before or know before about Oxy Cover. So, i plan to get it and apply everyday when i bath. :)

That's All And Thx For Viewing And Reading My Blog Post.
Thx ! All Readers And Friends ! :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

One big butterfly Or Moth !!! ??? : D

There it goes. It first started when i was watching cable tv. On 我爱黑涩会, 娛樂NP3, 美少女時代 and listen to music at channel v ( Taiwan ) and Channel v ( China ) I always watch those shows and listen to many music like chinese, korean and japanese. Usually i aim more on the music if got nice nice want. So, i can share with you and my friends. I got many too. If u see my hard disc sure get shocked. So, many music and online game and a few picture of coz.
Ok, let talk about the butterfly part... It first started... At night when i was watching 美少女時代 and walking around thinking. What they are saying and what nice to do now... Sian... So, sometimes the show also give me the laugher. They sometimes just so funny. Kana taco here and there. Hahaz.
And i want drink water. But, when i go out of my seat near the tv. I clap my hand one time. Duno for what !!! ~~~ i clap my hand and butterfly fly there fly here and stop. At my decoration corner at my living room. I duno how it go in and how it going to go out. So, i waiting until my show finish. Off ~ Zzz... Wait no one is around and catch.
First i take chair and a big bag whereby i using it for years alr. Try to catch. :( ~ Failed ~ :(

Second time, It fly around and touches the wall near my drinking area. Already... Catch ! Aiyo... die... drop and is trap. So, i touches the wing a bit. And is kinda soft. Now that butterfly is trap. U think i will catch. No ! Of coz i will not. I let it off, it it fly again. Actually i can catch already neh. But, i scare die or injured. So i at the end nvr catch. I let it go Purposely, Let it fly. Dun want to hurt it. Coz i very kind hearted too neh to those big and small. Different and poisonous insects. If it is trap, i catch using the bag. It will struggle and it will injured or get hurt. Or even worst, accidently kill it.

That's bad right. Dun u think. So it let it go... Fly ! Fly ! Fly ! On Purpose -,-"

The Third time and that's the time whereby i caught it. It fly and reaches the light corner. You know the corner whereby it is protect usually by a thin glass. Yep, that corner. So, that's the easy chance and is BY LUCK ! How luckily i am. But, when i catch it i must first think of a plan.

How ? Watch my Speed closly and the key is timing is everything. Finally ! There it goes ~ Catch it ~ Yay ! Cool ! O.o Wa nice. :) So take picture using my handphone and so can upload to my blog lo. After that, i play it for all the one day. Put on my hand and so on... In my room fly about. By the way, I am not scare too. Room window shut too.

When it first started and ended. All doors and windows are completely shut. There is no way it can escape. So i dun need to waste my time and worry about it and of coz... It's very hot de... Little air some more plus every steps, sound and walking can be hear all around the house... Lolx... The best thing is still dun let my parent's know or else. Catch say no more... But, let it go... =( Hmm ... Un fair .... =(

Finish my playing. Ok, Bye butterfly is time to let it go now. So i go my living room tv. Near the window, make a wish and let it go. See you no more lo. =( Hmm... So sad... Y i let go... Why u tell me... Why ! Is because i dun wan to kill it that's why.

No choice lo. Now no more lo. But, i still feel exciting, fun and happy playing with it. When i let it go. i feel glad i did a right things. Chinese say fun shen or something let that. So, no choice lo. I buddist cannot kill. But, let it have their own freedom and life. So i plan to let it go. That's All.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going Home Soon ... =( And What i always wanted... Is A Few games ... On " Horror " : D

Arh ... Going home real soon... Now is already tuesday. One more day, before i be back in singapore. Now, i am only ... very excited... On this trip to malaysia is singapore games to drop price. I like games, good at playing and enjoying. Online games and Pc games i do play a few times. When i only too free... I will be very like is Horror games. The word "Horror" always keeps me entertain... Duno why. But, just like to hear it. Like to watch it and like to feel it.

Pretty gd, Horror... Of coz not for most people... But, Me... is different. I like a lot... Like new movie to be out... and so on... To be "Entertain" :D

By the way, Talk's about horror i got a few games. Fear, Fear 2 project origin, Half-life, Half-life 2, Half Life 2 Episode 1 and Half Life 2 Episode 2 and my most nice game of all. Killing floor !!! That's games, for some maps. It gives me the shock and nightmare... That i always hate... But, now feel like enjoying nightmare and dream.

Usually, When u asleep. U got nightmare or dream. It is like so real. The effect's, The world, The environment and so on. U would not know for nightmare. What will happen to you ??? What things will come to you ??? And always different charactor u find along yr nightmare... But, Of coz... Talk about nightmare... This type of things. Is always ... Not good ... Not Nice ... And always Scary... Coz is nightmare... =( Agreed ??? Agreed ???

Now, Let's talks a bit of dream. Arh ... " Dreams " Talking about that word. Is always looking at the bright side. Not scary... Good ... Nice ... And Wonderful... Is like, U always wanted it to be... The " Bright Side " Hahaz... =)

For me, I am always the opposite sometimes... =( Duno why... and duno how it happen. I means by the word opposite is not my charactor ... my action ... Or my thinking... But, at night. I sleep in my bed. Is kind of very high ... just cannot help always. Even, holiday also like that ... I need music to entertain me too. Not, That also cannot help much. There is a time, In my room, I cannot sleep than i on radio. 93.3 Fm. I always listen to it. Xia Jia Fa, Aiwei and so on the dj ... Just keep me entertain a lot and it feel great to have them. Talking, laughing and chatting with people they find in sms and so on.

Opps... Bye, Time out in malaysia cyber world and no money now for me and my cosin to add time... ! Have To Go Now. =( Tired lo. Time For Hotels : D Relaxing. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday In Malaysia On Malaka And Genting Highlands trip. On Saturday To Sunday. 19/6 To 23/6 : D

First day, On the trip... I have to wake up at 6 plus early in the morning. I on tv and watch 我爱黑涩会 and listen some music on cable tv. Channel V.... I like the channel. There is two Channel V
total. One is in taiwan and another is in china. I still perfer both of the of them no misses of the music only and the show's there... using cable tv... Finish few minutes alr. My parent's pack alr... And off, Close all windows and go my house lobby. I and my parent's waiting for 3 to 5 minutes. Go up the car and my cosin father. Drive all the way to Malaysia KL and Malaka. We stay one night only... =( At malaka, Makota Hotel... It was so nice and big a little. All stay together there. We watch soccer too there and we sleep very late. Around 12pm... Midnight... Somemore is the next day already lor... Oh Gosh... I scare tomorrow i cannot wake up. So i control myself and open my eyes big.

End the soccer show i went to bed as soon as possible. Because i am very Very Tired... Zzzz.... I cannot sleep.... Until 2pm still my eyes open wide on the bed. Around 2pm plus... I guess 2:45 or 2:30 than i sleep peacefully... I had a bad dream too on the way.... When the next day, I wake up... My parent's told me that i scold and scold and scold. When i sleep...That's was ... bad .... too. Really bad... That night in makota, i even duno what i was talking and scold about at my sleep. But, i know i had a very bad dream... =,=" Lolx.... Wake up, i am the first cosin. My second cosin known as ben. Have not even... wake up yet. He needs his parent's to tell him to wake up. For me, I think is common. Me, Myself also let that one... Sleep late at night of coz late wake up lor. Who also know ??? Hor ??? Agreed ??? I know is bad for health and i also know that everyone in this world need about 8 hours of sleep totally. But, even in Singapore or in Malaysia i very little. Got that 8 hours of sleep lor... Now in genting highlands. Posting my blog and update it.

Sunday - Time 11:24. Date 20/6/2010 and i in cyber world me and my cosin still left about 19min left before. Cannot use really. Oh... Better post fast. K. At genting now and hmm... Until wednesday than go back. I still have at least 3 more days to go. Before my holiday and the enjoyment plus the fun is over. Go Singapore than school going reopen lo... My D and T project still have not finish yet... .... ..... -,-" Oh My God... !!! Still have to do... Before the due date comes. My D and T due date very soon going come. Worry... Ok ! Just i got to finish it. No matter how hard is it. Just got to... Dun give up also. Or else i get a Zero totally for my project work... Ok for now. Guess got to go... Byes ! Also my time left for cyber world in genting indoor going finish soon. Now left 14 minutes before cannot use already. Night's Night's and Good night for today. Oh, Forget to say... We sleep at tower 1, Me and my cosin very near too the door's.

Byes Now All My Friends And Readers

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's is so long that i did not post my blog.... -,-" Because i am in school to do my project work on d and t. In assumption english school. Get message from my teacher and i need to go and go again... To do finish my project work... U think i can finish in time... I guess not.... =( Holidays are over soon. There is a sentence, Always go school, student will say i want holiday... But, when holiday come.... Wa ! So boring i want go school... Lolx. Dun know ... They want holiday or go school. =,=" Same as me... I also think that. But, now i have to prepare my life to be steady a bit...

I have some " Bad News And Good News " want to share to all of my friends and with some readers... The bad news is in singapore we got heavy rain and got even heavy floods arounds and that's pretty bad... Here the link of singapore Flash floods >>>

Hope u all see, when got the time. :)

The Good news is i going to malaysia soon. In malaka than to genting. The date 19 june to 23 june. I will have a very good time there. Enjoying myself and cosin there. My handphone i will bring along too so that i can enjoy music ! Music and MUSIC !!! Whatever and whenever i go.

Ok, i guess i got to go eat my lunch with my parent's.
Bye ! Bye ! And Do Take Care Always too.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Near My House Flood With Rain Water

Wa ! Aiyo... That a bad heavy rain there... -,-"

Dun You Think ?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Nice Song ! : D

The Song title is from - 彭于晏-非愛不可 ( Eddie Peng - Fei ai Bu Ke )

If u like the song i can sent u the song in msn too.

My msn add -

^ ^ ~ Good Luck ! All Readers ! ~ ^ ^

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 7/4/2010

Morning wake up at 6:30am brush my teeth and change my school uniform and eat my breakfast. My breakfast was just a bread and in the middle of it is a ham... I taste it and is so bored eating it...

Wait for my father to come back home after my mother is at school. Because she is a chinese teacher need to go school early everytime and everyday. Father come back also at 7 plus. Come back than bring me to school so will not late always.

Bye ! End ! CCA today sian .... got speech day need to go and have training.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yesterday Thurday 1/4/2010

6:30 wake up have my breadfest and than go to sch.Went school by car, reach school wa walk fast fast. First i went to the hall, than spot "huh where my class go " lolx.... -,-" Omg. Sit at my class place and wait. Suddentely got announcement at the general office. " Ting... Ting ... Ting ... Ting ..... Ting ... Ting ... Ting ... Ting ... All Sec 1 and 3 please assemble in the hall. Than my brain i was like " What ! Oh no ! Go wrong assemble area again. So i went down and assemble at our school basketball court. Aiyo ... At there all student stand up already and prepare for the national anthem. I went there stand up and prepare too for it. I was like wa heart beat so fast. Than sing the national anthem song and the pledge. The last one the preyer. Than the student in charge of that ask all of us to sit and than i sit down.

Sit for a while, teacher ask us to stand up and go to our class room, so i went. Reach there, read our reading article. I read and read and read than first teacher came until the lesson is Pe. Wa ! Pe is here need faster change to my pe t-shirt so i change lo. Went to the area and walk around. Teacher never scold me hehe. She only ask me to pick up rubbish. she say " zhi hui, u always do nothing wan right. u go pick rubbish and throw to the dustbin. So i say " ya hehe " and start lo... the dirty thinggy jobs... Done ! Go Recess 10:30 until 11:30 i guess.

Recess started already, yay ! I faster rush down to recess area and start buying milo and tuna bread. I always buy the same thing because nothing much to eat and than the time so short. U can imagine our recess sec 3 , 4 and 5 together is like. Go there late have to wait long lo. Because long queue. Aiyo waste time. Buy finish go outside eat.

Done ! Rush to class and start lesson. Done all my lesson already dismiss yay ! But... neh not for me cannot yay at this time ... Because i got chinese extra lesson and cpa extra lesson. During chinese lesson is quite fast. Only i have to do finish the chinese homework and than done. End ! But, for cpa long lo because i have course work nid do. Now i only need to print my work than is all done. Website done and than have my marks for course work. yay ! Dismiss go home lo. The chinese and cpa is extra lesson lo, because mid-year exam coming. Need to work hard on subject than i am weak. Cpa no problem. I got many confident on it. Don't forget i get 96 percent a point 100 marks. hahaz :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

School reopen soon. Arh... Not again... Just hate wednesday, coz gt cca. But, I am controlling ... Dun know my control can last how long ... =(

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey There !

Yay ! 1 weeks holiday is here. ^^ So happy can relax at last. But, i still need to go to school on the wednesday to do my cpa course work for dreamweaver 8 is a program to created websites. My course work is places of interest. I going to finish, just need a bit more times. Total need 8 pages, In the 8 pages also must have a video, a music and a photo gallery. Last Year course work about myself i got an Grade A for it. So happy and shock. This year, i need more concentration for my course work and have some perceptive on places of interest. =( I get my C a 1 result already so poor. Fail all =( Pass 2 subject only. My passing subject is science on physics and Cpa. Marks for science is 52.0 and a Grade D and for cpa 96.0 and a get Grade A. Any problem about computer, i can help u solve because i got do computer too. Good at it. ^^ Any problem u wan say about computer chat at chatting box and see what i can help. If i even cannot help u than so sorry i have try my best. Good luck for yr studies too Readers ! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Killing Floor - Online Game

Here come some picture i sreenshot in game.

Disco place, when the incident happen, all die. No way out. No one escape even.
Dead body !!!

The time is very short, 1 minutes only than next wave.

Next wave... 10... 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0:00

it will say next wave and that's them coming to kill.

How is it ??? Scary ???

I like the moon so nice and round.

These type of places in this dico are way too dark..... need to on your flashlight.Some of them, not all of them.

On flashlight, also will waste one, so dun seldom on it.

On when need to on, off when need to off.

Once flashlight is down, cannot on already, than it need to recharge to 100%

Once u off the flashlight when it is in use, it will still auto recharge.

So don't on, when not in use. If u wan on it always, see the bar too.

Or else u will be trap in a dark place where by is hard to see.

Lights at dark places does not help much too.

So becareful of your flashlight, under this dark situation. :)

So many doors on the left and right and below there is two more doors.

Later they come out, i will not know which side.

so for me. Is good to be Alert in this killing floor game.

Or else. They can like attack from behide where by u don't know at all.

Can get shock too.

1 more left Yay !

A scary garden.

Following the red light's

Follow the red light's can save your life too.

It will lead you to a shop that can buy weapon.

A big hole, That monster is very powerful or a boss.
That make it.

That place is a bad way in.

Nice Chess.

Blood the whole place. OMG !