Friday, April 30, 2010

Nice Song ! : D

The Song title is from - 彭于晏-非愛不可 ( Eddie Peng - Fei ai Bu Ke )

If u like the song i can sent u the song in msn too.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 7/4/2010

Morning wake up at 6:30am brush my teeth and change my school uniform and eat my breakfast. My breakfast was just a bread and in the middle of it is a ham... I taste it and is so bored eating it...

Wait for my father to come back home after my mother is at school. Because she is a chinese teacher need to go school early everytime and everyday. Father come back also at 7 plus. Come back than bring me to school so will not late always.

Bye ! End ! CCA today sian .... got speech day need to go and have training.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yesterday Thurday 1/4/2010

6:30 wake up have my breadfest and than go to sch.Went school by car, reach school wa walk fast fast. First i went to the hall, than spot "huh where my class go " lolx.... -,-" Omg. Sit at my class place and wait. Suddentely got announcement at the general office. " Ting... Ting ... Ting ... Ting ..... Ting ... Ting ... Ting ... Ting ... All Sec 1 and 3 please assemble in the hall. Than my brain i was like " What ! Oh no ! Go wrong assemble area again. So i went down and assemble at our school basketball court. Aiyo ... At there all student stand up already and prepare for the national anthem. I went there stand up and prepare too for it. I was like wa heart beat so fast. Than sing the national anthem song and the pledge. The last one the preyer. Than the student in charge of that ask all of us to sit and than i sit down.

Sit for a while, teacher ask us to stand up and go to our class room, so i went. Reach there, read our reading article. I read and read and read than first teacher came until the lesson is Pe. Wa ! Pe is here need faster change to my pe t-shirt so i change lo. Went to the area and walk around. Teacher never scold me hehe. She only ask me to pick up rubbish. she say " zhi hui, u always do nothing wan right. u go pick rubbish and throw to the dustbin. So i say " ya hehe " and start lo... the dirty thinggy jobs... Done ! Go Recess 10:30 until 11:30 i guess.

Recess started already, yay ! I faster rush down to recess area and start buying milo and tuna bread. I always buy the same thing because nothing much to eat and than the time so short. U can imagine our recess sec 3 , 4 and 5 together is like. Go there late have to wait long lo. Because long queue. Aiyo waste time. Buy finish go outside eat.

Done ! Rush to class and start lesson. Done all my lesson already dismiss yay ! But... neh not for me cannot yay at this time ... Because i got chinese extra lesson and cpa extra lesson. During chinese lesson is quite fast. Only i have to do finish the chinese homework and than done. End ! But, for cpa long lo because i have course work nid do. Now i only need to print my work than is all done. Website done and than have my marks for course work. yay ! Dismiss go home lo. The chinese and cpa is extra lesson lo, because mid-year exam coming. Need to work hard on subject than i am weak. Cpa no problem. I got many confident on it. Don't forget i get 96 percent a point 100 marks. hahaz :)