Monday, July 2, 2012

‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’ announces additional cast members for its movie

On June 30th, additional cast members for the movie adaptation of the Johnny’s Jr. and AKB48 collaboration drama ‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’ was unveiled on the last episode of the NTV show. This movie, scheduled to hit theaters nationwide in October, will feature Johnny’s Jr. members Iwamoto Hikaru, Sakuma Daisuke, Abe Ryohei, Watanabe Shota, Fukasawa Tatsuya, and Miyadate Ryota in addition to AKB48’s Team 4 members Kato Rena, Takeuchi Miyu, Kawaei Rina, Takahashi Juri, and Ichikawa Miori.

The theatrical version of this drama will also feature original cast members – Morimoto Shintaro, Matsumura Hokuto, and Kyomoto Taiga from Johnny’s Jr., Shimazaki Haruka, Oba Mina, and Mitsumune Kaoru from AKB48, and Uchi Hiroki, Kis-My-Ft2’s Miyata Toshiya, and Hey! Say! JUMP’s Takaki Yuya. In related news, Morimoto and Shimazaki is making more appearances as actor and actress as Morimoto will also be featured in Fuji TV’s upcoming drama “GTO” and Shimazaki in Television Tokyo’s drama ‘Majisuka Gakuen 3‘.

‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’ is a school comedy drama written by AKB48’s very own producer Akimoto Yasushi and features a story of the trials and tribulations when a boy’s high school, that has a lot of delinquents, and a prestige girl’s high school, where all students are from high-class families, combine into one school.

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koko’ to be adapted into a movie

On June 8th, it was announced that the currently running Johnny’s Jr. and AKB48 collaboration drama ‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koko‘ (NTV) will be turned into a movie.
‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’ is a story of the trials and tribulations when a boys’ high school full of young delinquents and a prestigious girls’ high school full of wealthy young ladies, are combined into one school. Just like the drama, the movie is going to star Morimoto Shintaro, Matsumura Hokuto, and Kyomoto Taiga from Johnny’s Jr., and Shimazaki Haruka, Oba Mina, and Mitsumune Kaoru from AKB48, among others.

Morimoto commented, “I’m really glad that we immediately proceeded with the filming for the movie and that the circle of friends that we were able to build during the filming of the TV drama won’t to get interrupted. I’m going to tackle it with high motivation and full effort, so that it will become a very nice movie.

Shimazaki commented, “I challenged the filming and the education of the Bakada guys with everything I’ve got. The movie is going to be even more powerful and I hope that a lot of people will watch it.
Also reprising their roles in the movie will be Uchi Hiroki, Miyata Toshiya, Takaki Yuya, and many others. The production won’t be changed either, with AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi penning the original story, Matsuda Yuko (‘Gokusen’) working out the script, and Kubota Takashi (‘BADBOYS’, ‘Kimi to Boku’) sitting on the director’s chair.

The movie version of ‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koko‘ is scheduled to open in cinemas nationwide in October, 2012.

Opening and ending song of ‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’ to be provided by Kis-My-Ft2 and Maeda Atsuko

On April 6th, it was announced that Kis-My-Ft2 and Maeda Atsuko from AKB48 will provide the opening and ending song for the upcoming dramaShiritsu Bakaleya Koukou‘. The opening theme song will be Kis-My-Ft2’s new single “Shake It Up” and Maeda Atsuko’s solo 2nd single “Migikata” will be the ending theme song. The release date of both singles is as yet undecided.

‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’ is a story of the trials and tribulations when a boy’s high school that has a lot of delinquents and a prestige girl’s high school, where all students are from high-class families, combine into one school. Kis-My-Ft2’s Miyata Toshiya and AKB48 research student Mitsumune Kaoru were cast in the drama as fixed charaters. Uchi Hiroki and Kitahara Rie from AKB48 team B will also make appearances in the drama.

“Shake It Up” is a fun, danceable song. Miyata showed his delight being cast in the drama and commented “The song is very upbeat and makes me feel like dancing. I would like all the cast and staff to remember the dance, and same as “Bakaleya”, I want to do “Bakasawagi”(liven up with dancing and singing).
Maeda Atsuko’s “Migikata” will be her second solo single. The ballad song is about ‘heart-wrenching girl feelings’. Maeda states “Migikata is my favorite song. I am glad it has been chosen as the ending theme for the drama, which my junior members are starring.
Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou” will be aired on NTV from April 14th at Saturday 12:50AM.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nogizaka46 chooses senbatsu members for their 3rd single

Nogizaka46 will be releasing their 3rd single on August 22nd and they have just announced their senbatsu members through their TV Tokyo show “Nogizaka tte, Doko?

The formation for the senbatsu members has also changed since the previous two singles. In the previous singles Ikoma Rina stood as center, three girls were in the front row, four in the middle row and nine in the back row. This time there will be four girls in the front row and six in the middle and back rows.

This time, Ito Marika, Fukagawa Mai, and Wakatsuki Yumi will be entering the senbatsu for the first time. The Seven Deities (members who will be featured in the media and in the front) have also changed; Ikuta Erika and Hoshino Minami have returned for the first time since their debut single “Guruguru Curtain”. This will also be the first time for Nishino Nanase to be part of the Seven Deities. The front four girls will be Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Hoshino Minami, and Sakurai Reika.

Also, Sakurai Reika has been holding the place of temporary captain, but she has now been officially promoted to captain.

The title and details of the third single will be announced at a later date.

[Nogizaka46 3rd Single Senbatsu Members]
Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Hoshino Minami, Hashimoto Nanami, Shiraishi Mai, Matsumura Sayuri, Nishino Nanase, Ichiki Rena, Ito Marika, Inoue Sayuri, Saito Yuuri, Sakurai Reika, Takayama Kazumi, Nakada Kana, Fukagawa Mai, Wakatsuki Yumi

[The Seven Deities]
Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Hoshino Minami, Hashimoto Nanami, Shiraishi Mai, Matsumura Sayuri, Nishino Nanase

Sakurai Reika

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nogizaka46 3rd Single Senbatsu Announced + Sakurai Reika Official Captain

Today at Nogizaka46's variety show Nogizaka Katte, Doko they announced the senbatsu for their 3rd single which will be released on 22nd August. Along with the senbatsu announcement, Sakurai Reika was appointed as the captain official as in no longer just a temporary captain. Also the centers for this single is same [Guruguru Curtain], Ikuta, Ikoma and Hoshino.

The senbatsu members are (listed on the basis of their position and name called out)
Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Hoshino Minami, Sakurai Reika, Nakada Kana, Hashimoto Nanami, Shiraishi Mai, Matsumura Sayuri, Nishino Nanase, Takayama Kazumi, Saito Yuuri, Wakatsuki Yumi, Inoue Sayuri Ichiki Rena, Itou Mariko, Fukagawa Mai

Nogizaka's Shichi Fukujin (Lit. Seven Deities of Good Luck/Nogizaka's Kami7): Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Hoshino Minami, Nishino Nanase, Hashimoto Nanami, Shiraishi Mai, Matsumura Sayuri

In (Senbatsu): Itou Mariko, Fukagawa Mai and Wakatsuki Yumi.
Out (Senbatsu): Miyazawa Seira, Hatanaka Seira, Iwase Yumiko

In (Shichi Fukujin): Hoshino Minami, Nishino Nanase, Ikuta Erika
Out (Shichi Fukujin): Sakurai Reika, Nakada Kana, Takayama Kazumi

Sashihara Rino officially moved to HKT48 with her own special category

Sashihara Rino has ‘officially’ been moved to HKT48. The staff has removed her profile from AKB48’s “Team A” category and it has been added to the HKT48 official member page. However, she is currently not under “Team H” or “ Research Student ”, she has a special category all to herself; “Team Undecided”.
Lastly, Sashihara has not been completely removed from AKB48’s homepage. Instead she has been moved to the bottom, below the research students under “HKT48”. Fans are unsure if this means she will be participating in the Tokyo Dome concert with AKB48 or if staff just wanted to keep her on AKB48’s page in some way.

NMB48 promotes Super Coolbiz at fashion show

On June 18th, NMB48 members Yamamoto Sayaka (18) and Watanabe Miyuki (18) went to a Kobe department store for a ‘Super Coolbiz‘ PR event. Coolbiz is a government campaign to get people to wear lighter clothing during the summer and thus conserve energy by having their air conditioners on temperatures that aren’t too low.

The two members of NMB48 are often wearing mini-skirts on stage, but at the event, they participated in a fashion show showing off some very breathable pants that were made to be easy to move around in.

Yamamoto commented, “We don’t normally wear clothes like this.
Before the fashion show, there was a talk event where they introduced a scarf soaked in water. Watanabe showed her surprise, “It’s really cool and refreshing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

AKB48 SKE48 And NMB48 2012 Senbatsu Election

On May 23rd, AKB48 revealed their reports of the first day of votes for the 4th General Election at AKB48 theaters in Akihabara. This is the annual election for the girls, and fan votes will decide the 16 members for the 27th single planned for release in August.

According to reports, Oshima Yuko gained 15,093 votes. As much of the media and many fans expected, she got a lead of 2,439 votes on second place. Kashiwagi Yuki, who was at third place during the last election, gained 12,654 votes to reach second place.

This year’s election is the biggest event so far with a total of 237 girls who participated. (AKB48 = 88, SKE48 =64, NMB48 =64, HKT48=21). The top girl will have the center position for the upcoming 27th single, and the top 15 other members will be the members for the single. Girls ranked #17-#32 will be in ‘Under Girls’, girls ranked #33-#48 will be in ‘Next Girls’, and girls ranked #49-#64 will be in ‘Future Girls’. These sub-groups will sing the coupling songs for 27th single.

Check out the first day results below!

1. Oshima Yuko – AKB48 – 15,093 Votes
2. Kashiwagi Yuki – AKB48 – 12,654 Votes
3. Watanabe Mayu – AKB48 – 11,329 Votes
4. Sashihara Rino – AKB48 – 9,337 Votes
5. Takahashi Minami – AKB48 – 8,955 Votes
6. Shinoda Mariko – AKB48 – 8,619 Votes
7. Matsui Rena – SKE48 – 8,460 Votes
8. Matsui Jurina – SKE48(AKB48) – 7,795 Votes
9. Itano Tomomi – AKB48 – 6,595 Votes
10. Miyazawa Sae – AKB48 – 6,280 Votes
11. Kojima Haruna – AKB48 – 5,334 Votes
12. Yokoyama Yui – AKB48 – 4,301 Votes
13. Takajo Aki -AKB48 – 3,661 Votes
14. Umeda Ayaka – AKB48 – 3,484 Votes
15. Minegishi Minami – AKB48 – 3,396 Votes
16. Kitahara Rie – AKB48 – 3,302 Votes
17. Kasai Tomomi – AKB48 – 3,227 Votes
18. Yamamoto Sayaka – NMB48 – 3,218 Votes
19. Watanabe Miyuki – NMB48 (AKB48) – 2,976 Votes
20. Takayanagi Akane – SKE48 – 2,471 Votes
21. Sato Amina – AKB48 -2,392 Votes
22. Shimazaki Haruka – AKB48 – 2,340 Votes
22. Furukawa Airi – SKE48 – 2,340 Votes
24. Hata Sawako – SKE48 – 2,312 Votes
25. Masuda Yuka – AKB48 – 2,182 Votes
26. Suda Akari – SKE48 – 2,149 Votes
27. Mukaida Manatsu – SKE48 – 1,948 Votes
28. Oya Masana – SKE48 – 1,919 Votes
29. Ogiso Shiori – SKE48 – 1,788 Votes
30. Muto Tomu – AKB48 Research Students – 1,757 Votes
31. Ogasawara Mayu – NMB48 – 1,746 Votes
32. Akimoto Sayaka – AKB48 – 1,743 Votes
33. Yagami Kumi – SKE48 – 1,671 Votes
34. Kuramochi Asuka – AKB48 – 1,653 Votes
35. Kizaki Yuri – SKE48 – 1,624 Votes
36. Nakaya Sayaka – AKB48 – 1,348 Votes
37. Yakata Miki – SKE48 – 1,345 Votes
38. Nakagawa Haruka – AKB48 – 1,244 Votes
39. Matsumura Kaori – SKE48 Research Students- 1,194 Votes
40. Nakata Chisato – AKB48 – 1,188 Votes
41. Fujie Reina – AKB48 – 1,166 Votes
42. Yamada Nana – NMB48 – 1,136 Votes
43. Kobayashi Kana – AKB48 – 1,110 Votes
44. Kimoto Kanon – SKE48 – 1,039 Votes
45. Iwasaki Misaki – AKB48 – 1,023 Votes
46. Hiramatsu Kanako – SKE48 – 998 Votes
47. Yamauchi Suzuran – AKB48 – 988 Votes
48. Ishida Haruka – AKB48 – 985 Votes
49. Miyazaki Miho – AKB48 – 970 Votes
50. Oya Shizuka – AKB48 – 964 Votes
51. Katayama Haruka – AKB48 – 955 Votes
52. Ota Aika – AKB48 – 912 Votes
53. Nagao Mariya – AKB48 -818 Votes
54. Fukumoto Aina – NMB48 – 816 Votes
55. Maeda Ami – AKB48 – 810 Votes
56. Oba Mina – AKB48 – 786 Votes
57. Matsubara Natsumi – AKB48 – 750 Votes
57. Kinoshita Yukiko – SKE48 – 750 Votes
59. Ichikawa Miori – AKB48 – 702 Votes
60. Nonaka Misato – AKB48 – 701 Votes
61. Kikuchi Ayaka – AKB48 – 653 Votes
62 Eto Sayaka – HKT48 Research Students – 641 Votes
63. Nakanishi Yuka – SKE48 – 618 Votes
64. Tanabe Miku – AKB48 – 616 Votes

Monday, April 2, 2012

Akimoto Yasushi decides to create AKB48 Team 8

On March 24th, AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi announced through Google+ that he will soon be creating ‘Team 8′.
Following ‘Team A’, ‘Team K’, ‘Team B’, and ‘Team 4′, ‘Team 8′ will be the 5th team from AKB48.
During the 2nd night of AKB48’s Saitama Super Arena concert, there was a surprise announcement that 5 Research Students have been promoted to Team 4. With this promotion, Team 4 now has a total of 16 members, but there are still many Research Students who have not been promoted yet.

After the concert, captain Takahashi Minami gave a word of encouragement to the girls saying, “Don’t be discouraged. Take a look at yourself again and think about what you’re missing, and do your best.
While no details on ‘Team 8′ have been revealed at this time, Akimoto explained, “Since there are many people concerned about the Research Students who didn’t get promoted, I will talk about something that should’ve been announced earlier. I will make Team 8. I want them to aim for that.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Surprice News :o

Some time ago at the end of SSA, there was a “Suprise Announcement” and I’d like to inform it to you.

Today, there were two announcements.

First, promotion to team 4.
Members are
Kato Rena
Kawaei Rina
Iwata Karen
Tano Yuka
Takahashi Juri

These 5 names.

And then another one is, to fill in one empty position at each team K and B, new member will be announced.

The one who will join team K is
from SKE48 team S, Matsui Jurina.

The one who will join team B is
from NMB48 team N, Watanabe Miyuki.

After joining the team, from now on too both of them will keep doing their activities at SKE team S and NMB team N as dual position.
Their dual position as AKB48 will be only for limited period of time, but along with this, as sister groups, we think this is a chance to polish each other’s quality and grow. We hope fans would watch over us warmly.
From now on too, please do support AKB48 group.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Ask A Girl Out ??? :0 :(

♥  ~ There is 8 Useful Question ~

1. Want To Date Your Crush ?

We've all been there. You have a crush who is a friend or colleague and you want to ask her out. All you have to do is ask, right? But there's more to it. Chances are, you might be thinking on how to get the ball rolling without ruining the friendship. While it might seem like a piece of cake, there are several things you need to keep in check before making that very move...

2. Her Action ?

First things first, does she like you? Most girls show their interest subtly but you can sense rejections from the hints she drops. For instance, if she never replies your text, you might think that she doesn't want to have anything to do with you. But if she's been giving out mixed signals, she's probably trying to get your attention and you should not feel discouraged just yet. Ask if she receives the text from you. If she says "I forgot to reply." or "I was really busy.", you can be sure that she's really not into you.

3. Be Bold Enough ?

Remember, she's not the only fish in the sea. Don't ever let the fear of rejection get the better of you. Do you want to miss it out just because you're afraid? And on the bright side, a 'no' doesn't mean that she won't say 'yes' in the future. Put yourself in her shoes, who doesn't like a confident person? You'd be surprised at how much it helps.

4. Be Clear ?

If you're afraid of being rejected, you tend to be vague. For example, you'd say "Let's go out one day." or "Let's go out if you want." The problem is, more often than not, the girl will reject you if you're being unclear. And most of them find guys like that insincere. More importantly, she might nod and say 'okay' but you don't know for sure if she'd really go out with you. Plus, you'd need to go through all over again to set a date with her. It's best to specify when. So, appear nonchalant and try "Do you want to go out this Sunday?" Don't worry if she'll be busy on that day. If she's interested, she'll suggest alternatives. Even with rejection, at least you can stop wasting time and move on faster.

5. Avoid Being Overly Eager ?

Never come off as a creeper by flooding her Facebook inbox or calling her up in the middle of the night. And you reek of desperation when you say "Can you please go out with me?" or "Why would you never go out with me?". Pulling off that sympathy or emotional card will turn the girl off quicker than you think.

6. No ' Right ' Time ?

Fact is you're probably just afraid or deluding yourself into thinking that there's a 'right' time to ask a girl out. You don't need to know a lot about her for a date. And most think that by making her wait will instead pique her curiosity. When you've hinted her your interest, don't wait too long before initiating the move. She'd think that she might have picked up wrong signals from you and she'll start losing interest.

7. Always Be Prepared For The Worst ?

Sometimes, she just doesn't have that feeling for you. Most girls are too nice to take the direct approach when it comes to rejecting someone but know when to give up. If she tells you she's crushing on someone else or not looking for a relationship at the moment, it means she's making it crystal clear. We advise you to move on to another prospect.

8. Failed ? Try Again... :)

So, it's a 'no'? Don't throw in the towel yet. If you really like your crush, you can always try again. Be persistent (but not overly) and when done correctly, she'll probably give you the chance and say 'yes' eventually. Wait a few more weeks before asking her out again. Avoid being pushy or you'll end up being treated like a stalker. She might give you the cold shoulder forever and even cut contact with you.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

♥~ AKB48 SKE48 And NMB48 ~♥ ♥~Is The Best~♥

 ♥ ~ AKB48 Oshima ~ ♥


♥ ~ Misaki Iwasa ~ ♥

♥ ~Haruka Katayama ~ ♥

♥ ~Haruna Kojima ~ ♥

♥ ~Rino Sashihara ~ ♥

♥ ~ Aki Takajo ~ ♥

♥ ~ Haruka Nakaya ~ ♥

♥ ~ Atsuko Maeda ~ ♥

♥ ~ Ami Maeda ~ ♥


♥ ~ Tomomi Itano ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yuko Oshima ~ ♥

♥ ~ Erena Ono ~ ♥ ( Graduate )

♥ ~ Ayaka Kikuchi ~ ♥

♥ ~ Moeno Nito ~ ♥

♥ ~ Sakiko Matsui ~ ♥

♥ ~ Reina Fujie ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yui Yokoyama ~ ♥


♥ ~ Haruka Ishida ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yuki Kashiwagi ~ ♥ ( Leader )

♥ ~ Mika Komori ~ ♥

♥ ~ Amina Sato ~ ♥

♥ ~ Natsumi Harajima ~ ♥ :( - ( Leave From AKB48 ) - :(

♥ ~ Miho Miyazaki ~ ♥

♥ ~ Mayu Watanabe ~ ♥

Team 4

♥ ~ Maria Abe ~ ♥

♥ ~ Haruka Shimazaki ~ ♥

♥ ~ Miyu Takeuchi ~ ♥

♥ ~ SKE48 Oshima ~ ♥

Team S

♥ ~ Masana Oya ~ ♥

♥ ~ Jurina Matsui ~ ♥

♥ ~ Rena Matsui ~ ♥

♥ ~ Kumi Yagami ~ ♥

♥ ~ Akari Suda ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yuria Kizaki ~ ♥

Team KII

♥ ~ Anna Ishida ~ ♥

♥ ~ Akane Takayanagi ~ ♥

♥ ~ Shiori Ogiso ~ ♥

Team E

♥ ~ Kanon Kimoto ~ ♥

♥ ~ NMB48 Oshima ~ ♥

Team N

♥ ~ Shiori Matsuda ~ ♥

♥ ~ Nana Yamada ~ ♥

♥ ~ Akari Yoshida ~ ♥

♥ ~ Sayaka Yamamoto ~ ♥

Friday, February 24, 2012

Japanese Girl Group SDN48 Bids Farewell

The Mammoth Girl Group Will Hold Their Final Concert On Mar 31 In Japan

After two years, it's time for us to say sayonara to Japanese girl group SDN48 at their farewell concert in Japan on Mar 31.
Formed in 2009, SDN48, an acronym for 'Saturday Night 48', is the sister group of immensely popular Japanese girl group AKB48. Both groups were formed by Mr Yasushi Akimoto, a Japanese television writer and record producer.
While AKB4 portrays a cute image, SDN48 is created based on an 'adult idol' concept', which is characterised by their sexier outfits and more suggestive dance choreography.

This is seen in their music video for Yaritagariya-san, in which the girls stripped down to lacy underwear and took self-portraits with a camera.
While members of SDN48 unanimously described their group's concept as 'sexy', reporters were not allowed to questions regarding the risqué video or the girls showing sexuality overtly during a recent interview in Singapore.
Unlike previous "graduations" -- which involved a small number of members -- all 39 members from SDN48 will graduate together this time, thus concluding the group's first chapter.
Prior to their Mar 31 Japanese concert, 12 SDN48 girls arrived in Singapore last week to say their final goodbyes to their local fans.
"It's been eight years since I went to Japan," said Chen Qu who is from China, before adding, "I would like to thank the fans for their support all these while. I hope that they will continue to support me and my members even after our graduation."

During an interview with xinmsn, member Serina shared with us her thoughts on graduating from the group.
"It was sad at first, but I've come to terms with it now. We realised our dreams through being part of SDN48, but we can only learn more after graduating from the group," she replied thoughtfully.
Haruka Kohara then quipped, "I'm going to miss everything, but definitely missing the members most. They're like my family."

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nacchan and Yonechan leave AKB

Hirajima Natsumi Is My Oshima In AKB48. Hope She Recover From Her Mistake.

Wish Her All The Best. I Am Still Supporting Her.

The reason why they decided to leave the group were not revealed, however, recently, their private photos (including photos taken with guys) have been leaked on the internet through their private Twitter accounts and many are speculating that this could be the reason.

AKB48 1st generation member Hirajima Natsumi (19) and 3rd generation member Yonezawa Rumi (20) have both resigned from AKB48, after getting into a scandal involving boyfriends.

From the AKB Official blog:
Today, Hirajima Natsumi and Yonezawa Rumi both requested to resign from AKB48.

I apologize for the announcement being so sudden.

Below are messages from the both of them to their fans:

I, Hirajima Natsumi, will hereby resign from AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai.
I'm sorry this announcement was so sudden.

I'm terribly sorry to have caused trouble for everyone.
To everyone who supported me, the members, the staff, and everyone involved with AKB48, I'm really sorry.

I'll separate myself from AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai, but I hope you'll cheer me on so that I can meet all of you again as Hirajima Natsumi.
I'm terribly sorry.
Hirajima Natsumi
I, Yonezawa Rumi, will hereby resign from AKB48 as of today.

I'm sorry this is such a sudden announcement.

To everyone who supported me, I'm both full of thankfulness and the feeling that this was inexcusable.

Thank you for these 5 years.
I was always supported during this time.

I'll continue my activities solo from now on.

I'm terribly sorry that I caused trouble for the members, the fans, and for AKB48. I'm really sorry.
Those were their messages.

As for handshake events and what will happen after this, we'll make an announcement in a few days.

From AKB48 News - :(

Saturday, January 7, 2012

School Reopen Soon...

School Reopen On Monday... Every boring.. Going New Class. Got... New Teacher and also New Homework To Do.. -,-"

YUI - How Crazy Your Love

J-pop sweetheart, YUI, proves her popularity once again with her fifth album, How Crazy Your Love, which topped the Oricon charts. The album has an acoustic pop heart, with a touch of indie rock. "Green", previously released as a single, is a pop rock number with lyrics that tug at heartstrings. Intriguingly, I sensed a tinge of sadness in her voice in most of the songs. It may be becausee her singing style has matured over the years, or perhaps she has been through a lot. Nonetheless, it added life to the album and made the lyrics more relatable. :D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Powerful Quake Rocks Tokyo Region. Oh No ~ ! Japan Is My Favourite Country... :(

:( ~ From Newspaper ~ :(

A major 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Tokyo Sunday, Japan's Meteorological Agency said, there were no immediate reports of damage or injury and no tsunami warning was issued.

The quake struck at 2:28pm (0528 GMT), the agency said. Its epicentre was located near Torishima, an island about 560 kilometres (350 miles) south of Tokyo. It was about 370 kilometres (230 miles) deep.

The mid-afternoon quake swayed buildings in Tokyo but it did not disrupt the final of the Emperor's Cup football tournament under way at the National Stadium.