Sunday, March 25, 2012

Surprice News :o

Some time ago at the end of SSA, there was a “Suprise Announcement” and I’d like to inform it to you.

Today, there were two announcements.

First, promotion to team 4.
Members are
Kato Rena
Kawaei Rina
Iwata Karen
Tano Yuka
Takahashi Juri

These 5 names.

And then another one is, to fill in one empty position at each team K and B, new member will be announced.

The one who will join team K is
from SKE48 team S, Matsui Jurina.

The one who will join team B is
from NMB48 team N, Watanabe Miyuki.

After joining the team, from now on too both of them will keep doing their activities at SKE team S and NMB team N as dual position.
Their dual position as AKB48 will be only for limited period of time, but along with this, as sister groups, we think this is a chance to polish each other’s quality and grow. We hope fans would watch over us warmly.
From now on too, please do support AKB48 group.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Ask A Girl Out ??? :0 :(

♥  ~ There is 8 Useful Question ~

1. Want To Date Your Crush ?

We've all been there. You have a crush who is a friend or colleague and you want to ask her out. All you have to do is ask, right? But there's more to it. Chances are, you might be thinking on how to get the ball rolling without ruining the friendship. While it might seem like a piece of cake, there are several things you need to keep in check before making that very move...

2. Her Action ?

First things first, does she like you? Most girls show their interest subtly but you can sense rejections from the hints she drops. For instance, if she never replies your text, you might think that she doesn't want to have anything to do with you. But if she's been giving out mixed signals, she's probably trying to get your attention and you should not feel discouraged just yet. Ask if she receives the text from you. If she says "I forgot to reply." or "I was really busy.", you can be sure that she's really not into you.

3. Be Bold Enough ?

Remember, she's not the only fish in the sea. Don't ever let the fear of rejection get the better of you. Do you want to miss it out just because you're afraid? And on the bright side, a 'no' doesn't mean that she won't say 'yes' in the future. Put yourself in her shoes, who doesn't like a confident person? You'd be surprised at how much it helps.

4. Be Clear ?

If you're afraid of being rejected, you tend to be vague. For example, you'd say "Let's go out one day." or "Let's go out if you want." The problem is, more often than not, the girl will reject you if you're being unclear. And most of them find guys like that insincere. More importantly, she might nod and say 'okay' but you don't know for sure if she'd really go out with you. Plus, you'd need to go through all over again to set a date with her. It's best to specify when. So, appear nonchalant and try "Do you want to go out this Sunday?" Don't worry if she'll be busy on that day. If she's interested, she'll suggest alternatives. Even with rejection, at least you can stop wasting time and move on faster.

5. Avoid Being Overly Eager ?

Never come off as a creeper by flooding her Facebook inbox or calling her up in the middle of the night. And you reek of desperation when you say "Can you please go out with me?" or "Why would you never go out with me?". Pulling off that sympathy or emotional card will turn the girl off quicker than you think.

6. No ' Right ' Time ?

Fact is you're probably just afraid or deluding yourself into thinking that there's a 'right' time to ask a girl out. You don't need to know a lot about her for a date. And most think that by making her wait will instead pique her curiosity. When you've hinted her your interest, don't wait too long before initiating the move. She'd think that she might have picked up wrong signals from you and she'll start losing interest.

7. Always Be Prepared For The Worst ?

Sometimes, she just doesn't have that feeling for you. Most girls are too nice to take the direct approach when it comes to rejecting someone but know when to give up. If she tells you she's crushing on someone else or not looking for a relationship at the moment, it means she's making it crystal clear. We advise you to move on to another prospect.

8. Failed ? Try Again... :)

So, it's a 'no'? Don't throw in the towel yet. If you really like your crush, you can always try again. Be persistent (but not overly) and when done correctly, she'll probably give you the chance and say 'yes' eventually. Wait a few more weeks before asking her out again. Avoid being pushy or you'll end up being treated like a stalker. She might give you the cold shoulder forever and even cut contact with you.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

♥~ AKB48 SKE48 And NMB48 ~♥ ♥~Is The Best~♥

 ♥ ~ AKB48 Oshima ~ ♥


♥ ~ Misaki Iwasa ~ ♥

♥ ~Haruka Katayama ~ ♥

♥ ~Haruna Kojima ~ ♥

♥ ~Rino Sashihara ~ ♥

♥ ~ Aki Takajo ~ ♥

♥ ~ Haruka Nakaya ~ ♥

♥ ~ Atsuko Maeda ~ ♥

♥ ~ Ami Maeda ~ ♥


♥ ~ Tomomi Itano ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yuko Oshima ~ ♥

♥ ~ Erena Ono ~ ♥ ( Graduate )

♥ ~ Ayaka Kikuchi ~ ♥

♥ ~ Moeno Nito ~ ♥

♥ ~ Sakiko Matsui ~ ♥

♥ ~ Reina Fujie ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yui Yokoyama ~ ♥


♥ ~ Haruka Ishida ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yuki Kashiwagi ~ ♥ ( Leader )

♥ ~ Mika Komori ~ ♥

♥ ~ Amina Sato ~ ♥

♥ ~ Natsumi Harajima ~ ♥ :( - ( Leave From AKB48 ) - :(

♥ ~ Miho Miyazaki ~ ♥

♥ ~ Mayu Watanabe ~ ♥

Team 4

♥ ~ Maria Abe ~ ♥

♥ ~ Haruka Shimazaki ~ ♥

♥ ~ Miyu Takeuchi ~ ♥

♥ ~ SKE48 Oshima ~ ♥

Team S

♥ ~ Masana Oya ~ ♥

♥ ~ Jurina Matsui ~ ♥

♥ ~ Rena Matsui ~ ♥

♥ ~ Kumi Yagami ~ ♥

♥ ~ Akari Suda ~ ♥

♥ ~ Yuria Kizaki ~ ♥

Team KII

♥ ~ Anna Ishida ~ ♥

♥ ~ Akane Takayanagi ~ ♥

♥ ~ Shiori Ogiso ~ ♥

Team E

♥ ~ Kanon Kimoto ~ ♥

♥ ~ NMB48 Oshima ~ ♥

Team N

♥ ~ Shiori Matsuda ~ ♥

♥ ~ Nana Yamada ~ ♥

♥ ~ Akari Yoshida ~ ♥

♥ ~ Sayaka Yamamoto ~ ♥