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♂ - Of Guys And Girls And To Understand More On The Brain - ♀

The physical differences between the guys and the girls are very obvious, but what about the other aspects about them ? Let's explore some of the common differences between the guys and the girls. It will not be judgemental, but will objectively look at some general observations. I should try to understand the differences rather than gloat over them, feel threatened by them,mock,reject or condemn them. It will be a bad event if it happen...

Neither should we adopt a fatalistic attitude towards them since nurturing and technology can narrow the gender differences. It is observed that girls write better, but computerised grammar checkers, and online thesauri can give the guys a boost. Guys are seen to be better at visualising objects in space, but give baby girls plenty of building blocks and baby jig-saw puzzles to play with, and the results could be surprising.
Girls are better when it comes to talking, reading, multi-tasking, figuring out emotions of a person from the expression on the face. But are not good with some spatial problems like finding directions. Girls are also more emotional.

Why are girls different in these ways ???

A study into the history of the roles played by girls and guys will give us some clues into these behavioural aspects. For Women they evolved as child-bearers,child-carers and homemakers.
For generations, women functioned in these roles. It is not surprising that the female brain became wired to look after, nurture, nourish and care for people around them, especially their children.
For Men on the other hand, traditionally were hunters, providers of physical needs like food, defenders and problem-solvers. It is during the old times... long ... long ... ago... The differences between men and women are more than merely skin-deep. The differences are actually ingrained in the brains.
Modern scientific research on the brain supports this if i am not wrong...
>>> Brain divides into "Left Brain"( Left Cortex) and "Right Brain"(Right Cortex) activities.

The left cortex is active, while the right is at rest when a person is working on problems involving analysis, facts, logic, numbers, words, etc...
The right cortex takes care of activities involving colour, emotions, imagination, rhythm, etc...

The left brain tends to be involved in concrete,systematic activities while the right seems to be more engaged in creative and emotional activities.
The left and the right sides are connected by an organ called "corpus callosum". More studies on the brain show two differences between the male and female brains which account for some of the differences between guys and girls. First, the corpus callosum is bigger in the female brain. This means a girl tends to use both sides of the brain in any activity, while the guy usually uses only the left or the right side of the brain. That is, one side at a time.

This makes talking smoothly for the domain of girls. Remember the left brain takes care of activities involving words, while the right looks after activities involving imagination and ideas. A scan of the female brain shows that both the left and right sides are working actively while a girl converses.
Do you know that an average girl uses the whole brain when she talks. She relays more messages back and forth between the left and right brain. While an average guy does not express his ideas or feelings so readily in words because he has a lower level of brain linkage.
This is an example >>> An argument of a girl tends to become emotional, while for the guy, his argument is structural. When stressed or frustrated, a girl usually becomes more voluble while the guy tends to calm down. Why ???
The functions that control emotions are in the right brain which is well used while a girl talks. For a guy, the left side is more actie while he talks. His emotions controlled by the right side are not really involved. When he gets upset and emotional, his right brain is active, while his left brain becomes quiet. He lapses into silence which usually infuriates his female companion, who takes it as a sign that her partner is sulking and uncommunicative.
In general, a girl's speech communicates feelings, while a guy communicates ideas on solving a problem when he talks. After all, the left brain takes care of activities that involve words as well as those that involve facts and logic. Unfortunately, this difference again could infuriate his girlfriends who is not really interested in hearing advice or ways to solve the problem. She just wants to talk about her day and air her feelings.
I believe that different patterns in communication and thinking can cause tension.

The female is capable of reading people faces, as well as text, better than her male counterpart.
Why is this so ??? >>> This is again because of her bigger corpus callosum. Reading text or guessing emotions from facial expressions requires activities from both sides of the brain.
It is now very apparent why girls are better at multi-tasking, while the guys are more task-oriented. The male brain tends to do one task at a time, then turns it off before doing another. It is not common to see a guy talking on a cellular phone and glancing through holiday brochures at the same time. Neither is it a common sight to see a guy having a conversation with more than one person on different issues.

Evolution gave the bigger corpus callosum to the girls so that they could feel, empathise and multi-task better. Try looking after a few children of different ages and managing a home at the same time, and you will experience how invaluable the bigger corpus callosum is. If you are a girl. A guy's brain has more white matter. White matter is different from gray matter which is associated with intelligence. White matter is associated with spatial skills, like the ability to judge distances and the ability to track one bearings.

White Matter

Guys are better at finding their way around a strange neighbourhood. Girls depend on familiar landmarks. In antiquity, men needed spatial skills to hunt or fight off enemies. They needed to be accurate at aiming their weapons or they would go hungry or worse still end up dead. They also needed to be able to find their way back to their dwellings after chasing animals or ememies across the land.

Evolution gave them more white matter to be able to survive. This translates into guys being able to do parallel parking with ease in modern times, to understand a three-dimensional structure of a building just by seeing a plan.

There are other differences between the nmale and the female brain. Not all the facts, femininity or masculinity can be explained too by the differences in the brains. Hormones also play a part. Even if we explore the effects of hormones. I will conclude Science alone cannot account for the differences between the male and the female psyche.

Upbringing, cultural and social norms are also very important. In general, Girls need love, and guys need respect. Of course, it does not imply that girls do not need respect, or that guys do not need love. Both of them need love and respect.

That All's To All Readers.

♂ - The End - ♀

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N Level Start This Monday - 6/9/2010 =(

Sorry To All Readers.
My N Level Will Be Starting On This Monday.
I am Now Very "Nervous"
N Level Only Have One Time Only.
Fail Or Pass, Depends On My Strength Now... =(
The Good News Is.... When My N Level Exam ends.
I Will Be Going To Korea In S.e.o.u.L For 8 Days.
So Cool ! First Time Going there.
My Relatives Also Will Be Coming To My Place.
For BBQ. Yay ! So Good.
Ok ! Update Complete And Bye Now Readers. :D