Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going Home Soon ... =( And What i always wanted... Is A Few games ... On " Horror " : D

Arh ... Going home real soon... Now is already tuesday. One more day, before i be back in singapore. Now, i am only ... very excited... On this trip to malaysia is singapore games to drop price. I like games, good at playing and enjoying. Online games and Pc games i do play a few times. When i only too free... I will be very like is Horror games. The word "Horror" always keeps me entertain... Duno why. But, just like to hear it. Like to watch it and like to feel it.

Pretty gd, Horror... Of coz not for most people... But, Me... is different. I like a lot... Like new movie to be out... and so on... To be "Entertain" :D

By the way, Talk's about horror i got a few games. Fear, Fear 2 project origin, Half-life, Half-life 2, Half Life 2 Episode 1 and Half Life 2 Episode 2 and my most nice game of all. Killing floor !!! That's games, for some maps. It gives me the shock and nightmare... That i always hate... But, now feel like enjoying nightmare and dream.

Usually, When u asleep. U got nightmare or dream. It is like so real. The effect's, The world, The environment and so on. U would not know for nightmare. What will happen to you ??? What things will come to you ??? And always different charactor u find along yr nightmare... But, Of coz... Talk about nightmare... This type of things. Is always ... Not good ... Not Nice ... And always Scary... Coz is nightmare... =( Agreed ??? Agreed ???

Now, Let's talks a bit of dream. Arh ... " Dreams " Talking about that word. Is always looking at the bright side. Not scary... Good ... Nice ... And Wonderful... Is like, U always wanted it to be... The " Bright Side " Hahaz... =)

For me, I am always the opposite sometimes... =( Duno why... and duno how it happen. I means by the word opposite is not my charactor ... my action ... Or my thinking... But, at night. I sleep in my bed. Is kind of very high ... just cannot help always. Even, holiday also like that ... I need music to entertain me too. Not, That also cannot help much. There is a time, In my room, I cannot sleep than i on radio. 93.3 Fm. I always listen to it. Xia Jia Fa, Aiwei and so on the dj ... Just keep me entertain a lot and it feel great to have them. Talking, laughing and chatting with people they find in sms and so on.

Opps... Bye, Time out in malaysia cyber world and no money now for me and my cosin to add time... ! Have To Go Now. =( Tired lo. Time For Hotels : D Relaxing. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday In Malaysia On Malaka And Genting Highlands trip. On Saturday To Sunday. 19/6 To 23/6 : D

First day, On the trip... I have to wake up at 6 plus early in the morning. I on tv and watch 我爱黑涩会 and listen some music on cable tv. Channel V.... I like the channel. There is two Channel V
total. One is in taiwan and another is in china. I still perfer both of the of them no misses of the music only and the show's there... using cable tv... Finish few minutes alr. My parent's pack alr... And off, Close all windows and go my house lobby. I and my parent's waiting for 3 to 5 minutes. Go up the car and my cosin father. Drive all the way to Malaysia KL and Malaka. We stay one night only... =( At malaka, Makota Hotel... It was so nice and big a little. All stay together there. We watch soccer too there and we sleep very late. Around 12pm... Midnight... Somemore is the next day already lor... Oh Gosh... I scare tomorrow i cannot wake up. So i control myself and open my eyes big.

End the soccer show i went to bed as soon as possible. Because i am very Very Tired... Zzzz.... I cannot sleep.... Until 2pm still my eyes open wide on the bed. Around 2pm plus... I guess 2:45 or 2:30 than i sleep peacefully... I had a bad dream too on the way.... When the next day, I wake up... My parent's told me that i scold and scold and scold. When i sleep...That's was ... bad .... too. Really bad... That night in makota, i even duno what i was talking and scold about at my sleep. But, i know i had a very bad dream... =,=" Lolx.... Wake up, i am the first cosin. My second cosin known as ben. Have not even... wake up yet. He needs his parent's to tell him to wake up. For me, I think is common. Me, Myself also let that one... Sleep late at night of coz late wake up lor. Who also know ??? Hor ??? Agreed ??? I know is bad for health and i also know that everyone in this world need about 8 hours of sleep totally. But, even in Singapore or in Malaysia i very little. Got that 8 hours of sleep lor... Now in genting highlands. Posting my blog and update it.

Sunday - Time 11:24. Date 20/6/2010 and i in cyber world me and my cosin still left about 19min left before. Cannot use really. Oh... Better post fast. K. At genting now and hmm... Until wednesday than go back. I still have at least 3 more days to go. Before my holiday and the enjoyment plus the fun is over. Go Singapore than school going reopen lo... My D and T project still have not finish yet... .... ..... -,-" Oh My God... !!! Still have to do... Before the due date comes. My D and T due date very soon going come. Worry... Ok ! Just i got to finish it. No matter how hard is it. Just got to... Dun give up also. Or else i get a Zero totally for my project work... Ok for now. Guess got to go... Byes ! Also my time left for cyber world in genting indoor going finish soon. Now left 14 minutes before cannot use already. Night's Night's and Good night for today. Oh, Forget to say... We sleep at tower 1, Me and my cosin very near too the door's.

Byes Now All My Friends And Readers

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's is so long that i did not post my blog.... -,-" Because i am in school to do my project work on d and t. In assumption english school. Get message from my teacher and i need to go and go again... To do finish my project work... U think i can finish in time... I guess not.... =( Holidays are over soon. There is a sentence, Always go school, student will say i want holiday... But, when holiday come.... Wa ! So boring i want go school... Lolx. Dun know ... They want holiday or go school. =,=" Same as me... I also think that. But, now i have to prepare my life to be steady a bit...

I have some " Bad News And Good News " want to share to all of my friends and with some readers... The bad news is in singapore we got heavy rain and got even heavy floods arounds and that's pretty bad... Here the link of singapore Flash floods >>> http://news.xin.msn.com/en/silverlight-gallery.aspx?cp-documentid=4155108&page=1

Hope u all see, when got the time. :)

The Good news is i going to malaysia soon. In malaka than to genting. The date 19 june to 23 june. I will have a very good time there. Enjoying myself and cosin there. My handphone i will bring along too so that i can enjoy music ! Music and MUSIC !!! Whatever and whenever i go.

Ok, i guess i got to go eat my lunch with my parent's.
Bye ! Bye ! And Do Take Care Always too.