Monday, October 26, 2009

Went To Jurong Bird Park

Here Come The Pools Amphitheatre Bird Show

End Of Bird Show


Videoing some birds

Wa ! Finally Is Done. I Take Few Hours For Just Uploading Video.

because upload still nid process and when is complete is ready to play.

But of coz i still nid check.

^^ ~ Hope you enjoy ! ya ! ~ ^^

3> Take Care Friends <3>

Monday, October 19, 2009

Waiting For New Games

I am waiting for a new games called lost planet 2. This is The Trailer. Enjoy. Btw,i gt lost planet already. I need episode 2 waiting for the game to come out..... =(

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exam Ending

Hehe exam ending is time for hoilday. Yay ! Btw, i cried when the last day of exam even have not started yet... i cried at my bed, thinking of my pass and the whole night i never sleep. 13/10/09 cried sadly. =( My dream was long, was like a storyline and was nervous plus sad too. There was fighting and scolding of bad words to me always when i meet those bad guys that help us. Starting of a ceremony, due to my uncle pass away and is real it happan... And nw is gone. His Gone. i take a short video, ~ And ~ Wa bad luck not working cannot polay video. But, nvm... is long my dream, and is very very sad. It is a Hit And Run case. He was riding his bike and a van or car hit him. He fell and gone a black out and was suddently sent to tan tock seng hospitial. His condition was bad. Few days pass... since the incident occur....