Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year For 2010

Happy New Year Everyone, Mei, Bro and My best friend Plus all the ppl here in Msn, Facebook, Friendster and so on. Enjoy the new year :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

China Trip List

8 Day Nanning / Guilin / Yangshuo / Detian Waterfall

Day 1 Singapore-Nanning

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for direct flight to Guangxi Capital of Nanning, upon arrival, transfer to hotel.

Day 2 Nanning-Detian

After breakfast, proceed to the bigger river of Daxin. The graceful of Black Water River (Heishuihe) and the Terraced Shatun Waterfall. The water strikes, the dam and the sprays of Clouds Floating on Green Island. After Farm feast at the border for lunch, continue to visit the largest transnational waterfall in Asia, the Second largest transnational waterfall in the world, Detian Waterfall, the turbulent river gushes the cliff over 3 tiers to the bottom of 60 meters, 12 meters in width and 70 meters in depth, connected with the Banyue Waterfall of Vietnam, the waterfall is over 200 meters width. Back to Nanning for the night. Bagui Feast for dinner.

Day 3 Nanning-Guilin

After breakfast, visit The First China Asean Expo's location - Nanning International Convention And Exhibition Centre with multiple of convention halls. Transfer to Guilin. Visit Elephant Trunk Hill. Thereafter, visit Rongshanhu Lake Scenic Spot. The lake is a new landmark of guilin. It features the traditional Chinese landscape with terraces, towers, pavilions, ancient city gate, historical ruins, ten-thousand-year old banyan tree, zigzag bridge and etc. Visit Sun-Moon Pagodas, Nine-Cornered Zigzag Bridge, Ancient South Gate.

Day 4 Guilin-Long Sheng

After breakfast, proceed to Longsheng. Visit Longsheng Terraced Fields. The champion of the terraced field in the world and experience of farmer's village and 100 years Zhuang Village, featured with colorful and varied national traditions, rich and elegant folk customs of Longsheng minority ethnic. Enjoy local flavors for lunch. Coach back to Guilin. Walking on Zhengyang Street
for your own leisure.
Day 5 Guilin-Yang Shuo

After breakfast, visit Jingjiang Wangfu. Proceed to Fubo Hill. Visit the West Street known as "Foreign Language Corner" and the oldest street in Yangshuo.

Note: The drama at your own expense for additional tour.
Day 6 Yang Shuo-Lipu

After breakfast, enjoy the scenery while cruising along Li River (Lijiang). A cruise trip on the peaceful Li River is the absolute high point of any visit to Guilin. Continue to visit the Silver Limestone Cave where this is a storied cave penetrating through twelve hills. It consists of three parts - the lower cave, the grand hall and the upper cave. Here, you can see stalactites of different geologic ages and many remarkable scenic spots - the Deep Moon Palace and Waterfalls on Snowy Hill. Enroute, you will see the Ten Mile Scenic Drawing Corridor.

Day 7 Yang Shuo-Nanning

After breakfast, visit Bilian Hill. Proceed to Nanning. Visit Nanhu Lake Park, where you can fully appreciate the views of various plants, such as Pinang, Chinese fan palms, and other tropical tress. There is a garden with hundreds of precious flowers and bamboo, in which three inner gardens and bonsai gardens. A visit in the gardens will reward you with not only abundant knowledge but also the pleasures of nature's beauty.

Day 8 Nanning-Singapore

After breakfast, Thereafter, transfer to the airport for the flight back to Singapore.

Shopping Store: Baoshu Tang, Silk, Tea, Zhenbao Guan, Pearl Factory and knife set.

Additional Tours: RMB 500 Per Person

Show In China: Impression of Liu Sanjie, Dreamlike Lijiang, performance of fish eagles catching fish, night scene of Guilin.

Relax : Foot massage

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My First Best Korea Horror Movie

Title of this movie is Voice Letter, it is a korea horror movie and is one of my first best movie. I feel enjoying when i watch it and is scary too. Common thing is Blood ! Blood ! Blood ! Most of my horror movie seen it a lot a lot of times. For me, Horror is the best ! : D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Killing Floor - My Most Scary Game Of All .... Wa !

~ Start The Game ~
Going to Horzinie Biotech, Aiyo only $300... i wan buy shotgun...
Which way to go i dunno....

Hehe found a gun on the floor got a ScarMk 17. Wow ! so many blood.... Should i go up or maybe not ?

Oh gosh ! What a deserted places sure everyone died seen the incident happen..... I think i should go investigate on what the people use to be here in this building and what happen to them.

O.o... going deeper in the building ... Don't Know...What might happen behind me or infront of me.

Here they come... Let's Kill ... hehe ... ^^ Die monster ! ^^

Aiyo... reloaded ammo so slow...

Scary lolx... kill it not scare lo hehe... Out of scareness... ^^

Wa ! so dark ... so i on light to see my way in.

See that girl there, i just hate when she come close me. :/ She can disappear and appear again. But, Happy to say that she is easy kill to me. Ha ! haha... : )

Yay ! got a head shot cool. Hahaz...

Dead people ... O.o that's pain ...

Going somewhere... Time left 18 sec before next wave comes.

I hate this monster i get scare of him, going close me and attack me non-stop.

This also going near me and attack non-stop.

Both monster hard to kill neh ...

That monster i like to kill because is easy. But, i still need to be careful with the

gun his holding.

Here come the shop. Buy some item if have money. If not, than too bad for me.

Yay ! Squad survived ! Next map is Kf-farm i like that map. But, the music is scary

and the enviorment is also scary.

Here come the next map called Kf-farm.

Got a headshot again. I need head shot many to get my medal in the game.

O.o a house there, let me go in see see take a look.

Wa ! Still got body parts some more. Sure they died a pity death.

Better go far away from her, because her shout is pain. She is called the "Siren"

I like this map is scary and i like the moon.

Playing with some online ppl and healing them with that med-syringe i holding.
And drop some cash for some ppl.

Yay ! kill it ! is down now. But now still got 95 monster to go, before last wave, kill boss.

Here comes the boss is very hard to kill and the attack is very strong too. That's is the last wave already.

No ! No ! Helicopter Down ! Eeeeeeee ~ Boom ~ Hahaz all die arh ! ^^

Taking out knife for fun ... Lolx...

Shot her and ~ She's ~ Dead. Opps ... $811 money left. Out of money !!! -,-"

Reading some newspaper in game. Lolx time left 40 sec before the next wave come.
Taking out knife Again so i can move faster... Hehe...

1 shot with shotgun, 3 kills... Cool ! Yay at least now i got some money. $4027... Money money money hehe... : )

Helicopter Don't go... Wait for me... Aiyo fly away... I better beware of those monster eating flesh again.... :/

Every ppl drop money for fun..... hahaz ! because the round has just ended.

Here they come again... Zzz... Oh My God !!!

See the moon, so nice, so round, but.... So scary too !

One scary passageway. Let me see if got a way out. :)

Yay ! I am out. But the forests scary neh... Don't know where to go now ???

Wa ! behide me ! luckily i turn behide, or else i may get injured from them.

Dark place again. Prepare for my shotgun ! ^^ and light or else cannot see a thing... :)

On light, by the way, My light also got a limitation one... so i must use it wisely, if possible...

So dark.... wa ! i alone again finding the last monster.

Opps. Time left 29sec... I better move out of here fast, before the next wave come again... : 0

Put some mines along my way. So i can set some traps.... Wa ! Ha ha ... : )

Wa ! Go Wrong way or go deeper ??? : ( I alone no online ppl here. : 0

But now... Yay ! At least i am out now. Reading the signboard and found some ppl.

Following them along the way.

Should i go in ?

Ya, i should go in and investigate.... and to my shock i found some horrible things. :0

Found some specimen of some kind of girl. " o.o "

Found some words of some kind. But, Who wrote them is still a mystery ??? :0

o.o found a X-ray of some kind... is it that girl i wonder ???

So girl arh. Wa ! many here and i alone again. Don't know where those ppl that i follow. Because i have to investigate the building. To know more. : (

Dead girl O.o

My investigation is done and i am out. wow ! a person hanging. Pain .... pain ...

~ oh ~

There is War here between human and monster.

~ The End ~

Fun Game Too Ya ! hehe ... ^^