Saturday, February 20, 2010

Killing Floor - Online Game

Here come some picture i sreenshot in game.

Disco place, when the incident happen, all die. No way out. No one escape even.
Dead body !!!

The time is very short, 1 minutes only than next wave.

Next wave... 10... 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0:00

it will say next wave and that's them coming to kill.

How is it ??? Scary ???

I like the moon so nice and round.

These type of places in this dico are way too dark..... need to on your flashlight.Some of them, not all of them.

On flashlight, also will waste one, so dun seldom on it.

On when need to on, off when need to off.

Once flashlight is down, cannot on already, than it need to recharge to 100%

Once u off the flashlight when it is in use, it will still auto recharge.

So don't on, when not in use. If u wan on it always, see the bar too.

Or else u will be trap in a dark place where by is hard to see.

Lights at dark places does not help much too.

So becareful of your flashlight, under this dark situation. :)

So many doors on the left and right and below there is two more doors.

Later they come out, i will not know which side.

so for me. Is good to be Alert in this killing floor game.

Or else. They can like attack from behide where by u don't know at all.

Can get shock too.

1 more left Yay !

A scary garden.

Following the red light's

Follow the red light's can save your life too.

It will lead you to a shop that can buy weapon.

A big hole, That monster is very powerful or a boss.
That make it.

That place is a bad way in.

Nice Chess.

Blood the whole place. OMG !

Friday, February 19, 2010

春到河畔 in Singapore

Hi ! Readers, do anyone during the new year go to 春到河畔 ( chun dao he pan ) in singapore ? If not, nvm. But, if there is u will see the vortex rides at 春到河畔. Here are some picture and video i take at 春到河畔. Enjoy !

This is the Singapore IR Casino under building now.

This is 春到河畔 main entrance.

Tiger make of paper.

This too make of paper.

Make of spoon and plate and glue them up to make this dragon.

This is different from the spoon and plate, but, this is make by sweet.

Dun know how it make until like that, sure is hard i can say.

Some panda i take using my handphone camera.

Morning and night time picture.
Video at 春到河畔 Theme Park.

360 Vortex


Malaysia also have too in genting highlands at outdoor theme park.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How Is My New Bed Cover ???

Hi Again, Chinese New Year gt too many new things at my house and outside. Of coz money too. That's what u always get, during the new year. For me i get money from my reletives and we bought new bed cover. So How do u thinks my new bed cover ? Is it nice. For me i gt pink, actually i wan choose red one. But cannot find =( so pink lo. My parent is blue and another bed at my computer room is bear bear one.
1st Bed Cover At My Room.

Hehe, My snake so nice.

Nice butterfly.

2nd Bed Cover At My Parent's Room.

I Like Most is the blue Flower.

The Last Bed Cover At My Computer Room.

And That's all for CNY new things.

Friday, February 12, 2010

^ ^ ~ Happy Chinese New Year ~ ^ ^

Yay ! Chinese New Year is here, So as money money $$$, i hope CNY can play fire too. Because i usually lyk to play with fire lyk firecracker and some candles. Gathering, chatting, playing and so on. Is just so fun. Today dismiss school 12pm. School still on, Two period of lesson about total defence day and after that go hall for celebration. No recess =( ... No money to take in sch... Aiyo... But is still fun and enjoying about the celebration in the school hall. :)

Last Wednesday, No cca ! Yay ! Enjoy. Relax ! ^^ We celebrate again, so our I C make us have party. We eat and having fun. The last part when going to dismiss from our cca. Our cca teacher, buy cake for us. Quite a big one, chocolate for two layer and some strawberry too. The whole npcc eat the same cake. Is a nice cake and expensive one. Price, duno. But, is sure not cheap.
Now I just hope they visit my house this coming chinese new year. Wor ! If they come, more fun neh. Can swim downstair my house and can play games, so on.... Is sure Fun. This days, busy. For parent's they nid to clean the house to make it very clean so no bad luck. My homework i still have not finish yet, my english and my tution homework. OMG !
So Have Fun and Enjoy yrself this coming chinese new year. :)