Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Video is at Tan Tock Seng Hospital at ground flooor. Every sunday go there i see my relative and Wa! One of my relative got an accident so bad de. He injured his head and is like someone press your head until it go down. Wa pain oh. Hope he recover soon and Wake Up !!! :(

Today, quite a boring day nth to do and so sian de. So use computer lo chatting , hear music and watch some movie. I from morning on computer until afternoon , and than going night. Wa! coz too sian. How the video ??? I like the lights is so nice.

Wa! me cough like hell de cough ... cough ... cough ... can get 100 + de so i eat medicine.

So bitter ;x :( not nice. So eat and eat and eat medicine until my sick can be well and at the end is well. ^^ At last ... Zzz ... Duno know how many days already and till i am fine. : )~ wee ~: )

Sunday, June 7, 2009

=( ~ Bad Luck sio nowaday in school. Good Luck is chatting more on friends ~ ^ ^

My Previous Classmate in assumption 3/8 classes now at the top floor sio..... Sometimes, during recess at 10:45 must wait my friends there sio coz we talk about some game or about the space so long and so for ... lolx one of them sec 1 sometimes just want to call me ... i say next time bah he say dun one dun one. -,-"

Now 3/8 is on top i 3/7 class is below omg is a long way up sio, tired ... but just have no choice just to go up for it. I like recess can talk a lot and sometimes even walk around the school sio. Relax ...= )

I like to chat with my friends more and any ppl in any country, in singapore friends i got some other friends in singapore but from other country also have... just like to chat with them and can learn new things too.

  • Sakura - My Ex Best Friends and know japanese thx for giving me 六花に抱かれて(rikka-ni-dakarete) ^^ Many ppl say nice.
  • Xiao Ting
  • Mei Hua
  • Xiao Yu
  • Mei Ying
  • Wan Ting
  • su ying
  • Mizuki - A japanese Friends In School
  • Kisaragi - Japanese Friends
  • kasumi - japanese friends and learning a bit korean from su-mi
  • Last one - Su-mi - Korean friends

Usually talking with other country kind of hard, coz their talking is different from ours. Luckily i still know quite a bit of japanese so can talk to Mizuki on japanese a bit. Mizuki know more english but not many.

But, Korean i don t know a words. Too hard nid learnt from them. So i teach Su-mi a few english and learnt from her some korean, she not good a bit but a few english she tried hard. Korean i know a bit.... only -,-" but forget again and again . Aiyo ... nvm but is good that i learnt from them too.

~ Bye I End Here ~