Saturday, January 23, 2010

Genuine Relationships Are Built On More Than Mutual Goodwill And Exchanging Of Favours

Dear Readers

I usually emphasis on 'Special Days' - Whether it be Christmas, New year's Day, Chinese New Year or Birthdays. These days are determined by the calendar, but to me... They are different from regular days.

In Fact, They often are pleasant than regular days, as the noise, the wishes going arounds, the crowds and of coz the happyness. I solve that problem by simply going out, and enjoy my life.

At home on such days, i clear my e-mail and see message and so on, give wishes to my friends using computer. It was enjoying, this applies even to the reunion dinner on chinese new year. If good luck got place to put my lap top, than yay ! ^^ Can use lap top, and play games, chatting and so on. But... if cannot, than sad lo. Walk walk... Give wishes, and not much things to do. I also dun know how to play cards and so on... Those other enjoying things. Like cards.

By Nature, people must have a sociable person in their self too. To make life enjoying without quarreling and Shouting. Dun u all think is great. Indeed, I do have friends in life, and i have never neglected to help any of them when they needed help.

Human beings are social creatures. We are social not just in te trivial sense that we like company, and not just in the obvious sense that we depend on others. We are social in a more elemental way : Simply To Exist As Normal Human Beings, Requires Us To Interact With Other People.
^ ^ ~ Agreed That ~ ^ ^

There ia a Chinese saying, jun zi zhi jiao dan ru shui xiao ren zhi jiao tian ru mi. The literal translation is : " The Friendship Between Two Honourable People Is As Understated As Water."

The friendship between two good honourable people is understated. Each will help the other, when help is needed even before a request for help is issued and when one offers to help, the other would accept without feeling any obligation to return the favour.

The " Friendship " between two petty people, on the other hand, is as cloying as honey. When one offers to help, the other would feel that at some point the favour would have to be returned.

The simplest analogy for this saying is as follows : Between honourable friends, there is no account of how many favours I own that friend. The relationship between petty people, on the other hand, requires an accurate account, since for every favour accepted, a return favour would be expected. As far as i can help it. I avoid such friendships.

I am not in the habit of making New Year resolutions. We should change our undesirable behaviour and mindsets, mend our ways as soon as we discover that our behaviour is less than honourable : There Is No Need To Wait For The New Year To Resolve To Do So.

2009 has given me both suffering and happiness. I expect the same of 2010. But to all readers who feel that the New Year represents a new chapter in life.

^ ^ ~ I wish you a Happy New Year, filled with true friendship and good deeds. And may 2010 be a better year than 2009. ~ ^ ^

Saturday, January 16, 2010

N lvl Coming Soon ! ! !

Around September is my N lvl national Exam. For me, national exam is a very scary exam i going to take this year 2010. In School, many project nid do and many homework i should do. I am a excellent student, If u check my blog, u will found out my report book at there. :)
The conduct is " EXCELLENT " hehe yay !
That why this year cannot drop for my conduct, i so hard get neh, i from good jump until a excellent, is actually really a not easy tasks to achieve. When september come,
Is My Worst Day Ever To Come And My Most Nervous Exam.
The time will come and i am waiting for it to come. Scare Math a lot neh, English no problem for me. But, for N lvl to come and i am taking my english paper, than i duno alr ? Hope i can get a A for my N lvl paper. Bye, Take Care All Readers And Good Luck. ^^