Friday, August 20, 2010

About My School And Today I And My Sec 3 Friends After School Eat Lunch Together At Bukit Panjang Plaza (Bpp).

This is Assumption English School At Bukit Timah Road. My school :D

Our School Crest ! But, i also dunno what it means... Lolx... =,="

I know the school very well, But, crest dunno...

Leader ! Thinker And Learner >>> Our School Motto

Not quite long during cpa lesson... Going in other website and search. Hahaz.... =)
Luckily no kana get caught... =~="

Wa ! Some Dvd disc at Bukit Panjang Plaza (Bpp) $6 Offer Only.

So cheap...

Sorrry readers if cannot see. This is The Blood Pledge Korean Horror Movie.

I watch in the internet already. It is scary ... And the price so ex too...

This not i bought the Horror Dvd movie. Is my sec 3 friends. Never take his picture too.
Because he dun like it... =,="

Btw, If i never go bpp. I guess this show Chupacabra Terror (NC16)He cannot buy lo. Because too scary i guess.
But, me repeat 1 year due to fail a Important Exam.

Than the casher, Ask me to show IC.

So,i show lo. Than he got that show already.

How lucky is he.

For Lunch. We buy Ice Kachang.

We Bought both and eat and later he and me eat other food. That's All

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Went To Vivo City To Eat Our lunch.

Last few weeks ago, Me my parent's and my relative went to vivo to eat lunch at Hei Se Hui.
When we reach there. We waiting for a waiter to serve the food for us. as we wait on the table we see a very nice and chispy food for us to try.

Guess what is this ??? >>> Is Fried Fish Skin...
When my first try. I was addicted to it and keep on eating... and eating this fried fish skin.
If, u got go vivo city eat lunch. Must try the hei se hui restaurant. Is a chinese restaurant and also got some nice dian xing too.
But, also i duno why the name want put hei se hui.

After lunch ended... I take some picture outside vivo near hei se hui restaurant.
Some Random photo
That's only lunch... After that we eat bread and drink some kopi.

But, me. I perfer drinking Milo Dinosaur ! Hmm, mmm... is so nice and sweet. If u drink before than u will know lo. : D

Hmm... Ferrero Rocher Chocolate nice. I take picture wan.
After i take picture finish. I open and eat lo. :)
Me, Two days eat finish lo... : D

My parent's buy 3 packet i guess.
One pack inside got 6 potong ice cream.
For potong ice cream i prefer Red Bean.
Buy at fair price. Quite ex last time
But, now i got many is due to got offer.
Luckily lor.

I am now selling boys town carnval. I got two ticket need to sell lo. So sian. Now have not even sell yet. One ticket for $10 if u wan buy all. U can also choose $1 or $2.
Every student in my school have two sell two ticket.
The teachers have to sell at least 10 ticket means they must have total $100
We all as student total need $20 only.
Than have to pass out... Wa !
That All... Byes ! Readers !