Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wish Upon a Star!~ Dun Give Up 4 Ur Dream! Nothing is impossible in this World as long as you have faith in yourself.....unless you lose to yourself =P so jyjy my friends .


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

^ ^ ~ ~ Living In A GrateFul World ~ ~ ^ ^

Be Grateful To Those Who Have Hurt Or Harmed You - For They Reinforced Your Determination.

Be Grateful To Those Who Have Deceived You - For They Have Deepened Your Insight.

Be Grateful To Those Who Have Hit You - For They Have Reduced Your Karmic Obstacies.

Be Grateful To Those Who Have Abandoned You - For They Have Taught You To Be Independent.

Be Grateful To Those Who Have Made You Stumble - For They Have Strengthened Your Ability.

Be Grateful To Those Who Have Denounced You - For They Have Increased Your Wisdom And Concentration.

Be Grateful To Those Who Have Made You Furm And Resolute And Helped In Your Achievement.
^ ^ ~ Be GrateFul To Those All Around You And Those Who Care You A Lot ~ ^ ^

Saturday, February 14, 2009

If Teenagers live with pressure,they learn to be stressed.

If Teenagers live with failure,they learn to give up.

If Teenagers live with rejection,they learn to feel lost.

If Teenagers live with too many rules,they learn to get around them.

If Teenagers live with too few rules,they learn to ignore the needs of others.

If Teenagers live with broken promises,they learn to be disappointed.

If Teenagers live with respect,they learn to honour others.

If Teenagers live with trust,they learn to tell the truth.

If Teenagers live with openness,they learn to discover themselves.

If Teenagers live with natural consequences,they learn to be accountable.

If Teenagers live with responsibility,they learn to be self-reliant.

If Teenagers live with healthy habits,they learn to be kind with their bodies.

If Teenagers live with creativity,they learn to share who are are.

If Teenagers live with caring attention,they learn how to love.

If Teenagers live with positive expectations,they learn to help build a better world.

1. Needs that are not met or over providing for needs may cause problems in life.
2. Values "good in itself " will lead us to freedom and think beyong ourselves.
3. There is a need to go beyong " good only for me and everyone "

The boundary of this world and another world,and the very moment you cross over that boundary,the forgotten something returns in life.

Quote : i apogolize

Hi,People. Its something i wanna toshare with somebody but i've no one can share with even best friends , you see how poor . Why some people never think theirself first before gossiping another people ? Actually their ownself also got that behavior but they just don't know . They tought just other people got only but her/him self don't have, laght out loud. What a lame people ? Some people even tought themself are very perfect and gorgeous so they can open their mouth and simply gossiping other people , yes its true . I realize many of them doing that but i just kept my mouth shut and don't wannan boast .
I seen many of my school people are doing this kind of think, they are much ok already but still gossiping this and that about other people which under perfect. I feel like scoling them 1 word *SUCKS* .
I'm very upset because of something. Iwanna take a tissue and wipe my tears but its infront of many people. I really wannan drop my tears. Many miserable things are hidden in my heart. There's no one can share with me. Perhaps im the one don't want share with them because im afraid of the people boast out. I'm getting alot of stress . OHHH GOSSHH ! ! I wish i can move to oversea coz of ns i have to suffer a bit too . =(
I know im a very invisble to everyone. No matter what i do or did , There's nobody will see it . Even i do some kind of things for my best friends in school , they also can't see. Thats why i say im a invisible to everyone. I'm Very miserable ! OK, Fine !

I stop here

Think yourself, before gossiping other people

current Mood : Very Miserable

We shot it during Chinese New Year (:
Previous back, i have blog before but i deleted already and
now i started with a new blog again.
Well, my Chinese New Year eve celebration were going on
well. We went shopping and just hang at grandma house and relative house
and thats all * i know my celebration is bored*. I looks like din't
blog for a long time , hee hee.

The called schoolish (: Well, school huh ? school ? How to say ?
The school were totally one word SUCKS.
I hate this year school , the rules are getting strict and strict
and sometimes i just cannot copy my homework.
What can i do ? This is a fact that arrange by the teachers.
All school is gonna have a strict rules only the student will be good.
As well, im a good student , not breaking the school rules.
From secondary 1 break many rules , but ... now sec 2 and 3 thing have change
it's time to learnt. * i know its sound perasan * , nevermine and it is a fact .
Between, i've change my adittude but at home i just stress up sometime coz my parents just sometimes don t understand me. I guess i become more unfriendly
to everyone even my friends cause i also don't know why,
maybe i just don't feel like talking to the friends or something . =(

Friends effect ? I felt very sorry when i say like that to you.
i also not purposely want to gossip you sometimes in msn or audition.
but how , i just can't control myself. I hope you're reading this part and know
=( ~ who im talking about. I feel so guilty . ~ =(
I'm single right now and someone already deserve him. He already has his own wan
right now. He did apologize to me in school too that what he did to me in the previous
and i also say ' don't talk about previous ' . I everytime i typing the blog , i feel im so emo
and doesn't wanna smile or laught. Something is really happan to me, i think have to take
some medicine that can cheer me up or something .

Hope You understand me .