Friday, July 23, 2010

A Look Into f(x) Members ~ Unique Charms ~

As a group, F(x) has become one of the most popular girl groups in the music industry after releasing their first mini album, ‘NU ABO‘.
F(x) is a 5-member group, consisting of
Victoria (23), Amber (18), Luna (17), Sulli (16), and Krystal (16).
Despite the group’s average age being 18, they have been showing off their solid skills and unique personalities, challenging SNSD who is under the same managament. Their previous singles ‘LA chA TA‘ and ‘Chu~‘ were both hits, making the group’s name known. Along with promoting ‘NU ABO‘, the members have been participating on different variety shows, showing off each of their unique charms.
Music playlist below >>> The Music is from F(x) Nu Abo for the first starting song for my blog.
Enjoy listening :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

At Jurong Point Mall Enjoying With Family. :D

Went to Jurong Point with my parent's that time and the place is way to big... I guess jurong point this building is new. That's why is big. Many Shop, Many food, Many game... Hahaz, My favourite in singapore is to aim those game shop. So i know when the price of the game drop and to see any lastest online game or Pc game out.

When is lunch time, We went to this shop in jurong Point name " Red Lacquer " This restaurant is from penang is very famous on the food they cook and serve. So please try and feel the food sensation. :)

Outside the restaurant, Taking the food and share in blog what they have.

I order Penang Hokkien Char Mee and nice. Sweet ! I like the taste.

A Few day my parent's bought me this. Oxy Cover i choose to help me recover on my pimples... Now i wash my face with facial wash everyday i bath and after that apply Oxy Cover on my face. It really help much and i am glad to clear away those. Pimples .... ! Eeeee.... ! Total they are Oxy 5, Oxy 10, Oxy 15 and Oxy Cover where by i never see before or know before about Oxy Cover. So, i plan to get it and apply everyday when i bath. :)

That's All And Thx For Viewing And Reading My Blog Post.
Thx ! All Readers And Friends ! :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

One big butterfly Or Moth !!! ??? : D

There it goes. It first started when i was watching cable tv. On 我爱黑涩会, 娛樂NP3, 美少女時代 and listen to music at channel v ( Taiwan ) and Channel v ( China ) I always watch those shows and listen to many music like chinese, korean and japanese. Usually i aim more on the music if got nice nice want. So, i can share with you and my friends. I got many too. If u see my hard disc sure get shocked. So, many music and online game and a few picture of coz.
Ok, let talk about the butterfly part... It first started... At night when i was watching 美少女時代 and walking around thinking. What they are saying and what nice to do now... Sian... So, sometimes the show also give me the laugher. They sometimes just so funny. Kana taco here and there. Hahaz.
And i want drink water. But, when i go out of my seat near the tv. I clap my hand one time. Duno for what !!! ~~~ i clap my hand and butterfly fly there fly here and stop. At my decoration corner at my living room. I duno how it go in and how it going to go out. So, i waiting until my show finish. Off ~ Zzz... Wait no one is around and catch.
First i take chair and a big bag whereby i using it for years alr. Try to catch. :( ~ Failed ~ :(

Second time, It fly around and touches the wall near my drinking area. Already... Catch ! Aiyo... die... drop and is trap. So, i touches the wing a bit. And is kinda soft. Now that butterfly is trap. U think i will catch. No ! Of coz i will not. I let it off, it it fly again. Actually i can catch already neh. But, i scare die or injured. So i at the end nvr catch. I let it go Purposely, Let it fly. Dun want to hurt it. Coz i very kind hearted too neh to those big and small. Different and poisonous insects. If it is trap, i catch using the bag. It will struggle and it will injured or get hurt. Or even worst, accidently kill it.

That's bad right. Dun u think. So it let it go... Fly ! Fly ! Fly ! On Purpose -,-"

The Third time and that's the time whereby i caught it. It fly and reaches the light corner. You know the corner whereby it is protect usually by a thin glass. Yep, that corner. So, that's the easy chance and is BY LUCK ! How luckily i am. But, when i catch it i must first think of a plan.

How ? Watch my Speed closly and the key is timing is everything. Finally ! There it goes ~ Catch it ~ Yay ! Cool ! O.o Wa nice. :) So take picture using my handphone and so can upload to my blog lo. After that, i play it for all the one day. Put on my hand and so on... In my room fly about. By the way, I am not scare too. Room window shut too.

When it first started and ended. All doors and windows are completely shut. There is no way it can escape. So i dun need to waste my time and worry about it and of coz... It's very hot de... Little air some more plus every steps, sound and walking can be hear all around the house... Lolx... The best thing is still dun let my parent's know or else. Catch say no more... But, let it go... =( Hmm ... Un fair .... =(

Finish my playing. Ok, Bye butterfly is time to let it go now. So i go my living room tv. Near the window, make a wish and let it go. See you no more lo. =( Hmm... So sad... Y i let go... Why u tell me... Why ! Is because i dun wan to kill it that's why.

No choice lo. Now no more lo. But, i still feel exciting, fun and happy playing with it. When i let it go. i feel glad i did a right things. Chinese say fun shen or something let that. So, no choice lo. I buddist cannot kill. But, let it have their own freedom and life. So i plan to let it go. That's All.