Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exam Day Wa So Much Stress !!!

Hi ! bored again that E-learning day never go to school at home do assignment. That was bored lol ! I have updated my music try hear some. Is nice oh ^^ School hoilday in the corner wa hoo ! cannot wait man . just cannot ... My report book and going get it on 29/5/09 scare fail de ... but actually ... most of the paper like math - failed =( science failed =( english still pass ... haha ya pass but section get 49/60 ai ya y 49 ??? 1 more mark only de. so lo duno pass or fail . but total mark over 160 i still pass .

Now i waiting for 2 other subject like D ant T and chinese . D and T means design and Technology ... lolx that subject i dun like de so hard understand the question ... u think fail or pass u guess. i also duno, no see paper ... Qa ! worry de hope pass de ... lolx =( One more subject i pass is CPA and cpa means computer like doing those documents and assignment using the computer and i pass the exam for cpa. Now 2 subject pass only wa. Duno can promote or not de ... Worry ! about those marks again.

Sian de do too much cpa can go crazy sio coz sometime is very very boring ... so i go into the internet and teacher duno haha . Exam of coz not exam i do this teacher see die lo . fail lo ... I only go internet when i get bored just look around see no student watching or teacher than go in ... Haha ^^ i went in many time lo never kana catch. hehe haha ^^ i go in see hotmail and use msn and of coz tagged ,blog but friendster they block sio cannot go in. When go that websites friendster than they will say the page cannot be display lalala. Lolx ... Kana catch de first day of school coz when my exam finish my hair so long ...

Now still have not cut yet de. and btw i sms too sometime in school with my msn friends and friends of mine haha . so cool , but o coz nid becareful more if teacher see more die lo phone no more wa !!! .. u know . nth to sms very sian de in school. Do u know friendster have battlestation at app quite fun u should try. can lvl up , do quest and fight with some ppl in friendster too. =) but of coz they kill many time in friendster and i nid to repair my ship wa expensive de. Nid AP too. What AP guess ? anyone guess whats AP actually if u want know what's AP. I also duno lol, play so much of battlestation in friendster duno what AP ... Wa ! That bad ... =( lolx and i lvl 60 + de ya wa hoo i aiming for 100 in friendster . Kk ! Bye ^^ i go youtube watch some amine like Gundam Seed Destiny and if got time i watch horror movie in youtube . haa ... long show . ow ! but nice too and scarly . I just like to watch horror show too . Do you know that ? hehe . Okay ! of talking , hands pain lo ... =) ~ Have A Nice Day ~ =)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Prize ^^
My Prize ^^

Eating Japanese Food