Thursday, March 18, 2010

School reopen soon. Arh... Not again... Just hate wednesday, coz gt cca. But, I am controlling ... Dun know my control can last how long ... =(

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey There !

Yay ! 1 weeks holiday is here. ^^ So happy can relax at last. But, i still need to go to school on the wednesday to do my cpa course work for dreamweaver 8 is a program to created websites. My course work is places of interest. I going to finish, just need a bit more times. Total need 8 pages, In the 8 pages also must have a video, a music and a photo gallery. Last Year course work about myself i got an Grade A for it. So happy and shock. This year, i need more concentration for my course work and have some perceptive on places of interest. =( I get my C a 1 result already so poor. Fail all =( Pass 2 subject only. My passing subject is science on physics and Cpa. Marks for science is 52.0 and a Grade D and for cpa 96.0 and a get Grade A. Any problem about computer, i can help u solve because i got do computer too. Good at it. ^^ Any problem u wan say about computer chat at chatting box and see what i can help. If i even cannot help u than so sorry i have try my best. Good luck for yr studies too Readers ! :)