Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Favourite Japanese Girls Group In Japan. This group in japan at Osaka is famous too. They are rock band Haruna Ono (vocals, guitar) Tomomi Ogawa (bass, vocals) Mami Sazaki (guitar,vocals) And Rina Suzuki (drums,vocals)

This is my favourite song too from Scandal

I will recommended u watch this video in full screen so the viewing will be better. Sorry if it is too blur. Hope you all Don't mind it... :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I T E - College West School

Here, Comes my school I t e ( College West )
I like it, But, the course i do... A bit stress... =(

I like the I t e website very nice neh. I do my creating website in my secondary school... Also, Not as good as this...

Ok, Now talk about enviroment... Ite is still fun for me. Always i cannot sleep... Wanted to go to school... And play and chat with my friends there... I always first one reach there because my house very near only. I stay at hume vew ave... Very near only to my school and also is near to my secondary school. Assumption English. My internation friends is also at the school of music too very near to my house... Cool ~ ! But, she went to her country already... Sad... =(

Never Mind... Now, My point and objective is to go to poly or higher Nitec i cannot just repeat again and go NS... Also i cannot stay at Nitec... I still got my goal to finish... Secondary school, i not very take it seriously but now i in ite college west. I will take that seriously... GPA must aim high... More high more better... My Psle marks so low only during my primary sch... Than, i get 85 or 84 marks... Low Hor... Noob lo me... =(

After my primary school ends. I go to assumption english school and take my n lvl because i am normal tech... My n lvl do not quite good also pass 3. But, fail a important subjects.... " Maths " ... Arh... think about " Maths "... i head pain lo... After my secondary school finish. I head on to I t e college West. That All... Now i must do better to finish what i want...

Ok ! Byes ! Got to go... And also thx's Readers for reading and my friends too. Take Care And All The Best. ^^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zzz...When School Starts...Zzz

Aiya... Very Very tired... When my school start on the monday... Today is the saturday and tomorrow is the sunday... My best weekends is this two days... Because can go visiting and can play. Time Has Change, And i better change my behaviours... I means the word " Behaviours " Study Behaviour is a point that i must change. Secondary school i have regret. Now, In a new enviroment. It will sure change me... And the point of study. Which assembly point, where is yr course and where is your class. Everythings, Like everyone in this world know already. Has change... =( Nervous ! But, me... Nervous i also not scare... " I am not giving up. No matter what happen... It has haunt me, due to i give up and everythings take it easy and dun care. During my Primary and Secondary school. Due to take it easy... Like those " Very Easy way of learning. I fail many things. By not having hardworking person. But, now things change for my future and the way i live. Ite Collage West, has change me and i must start be hardworking person. I never tried Before. But, i will try when my school reopen. My course is hard and i know it will be. No hard no challenging... =( That's why homework are also challenging that need thinking skills and also not a lot of people like. Ok ! Time has come for me to work hard. I will be posting again soon if i got the time. See U. Thx for reading too readers. ^^

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My New Enviroment And New Future To Go.

Sorry Readers for not updating till now... Got, many things to do and to learn.

Yes ! Going to my ite collage west was new enviroment. Got to know the place the course and the direction well. This monday going in to find my the first class. Going there and coming back home was easily. But, i got no choice just to take bus. I dun like to take bus. Just got a sense of uncomfortable. My Ite is big, got 7 eleven, got shop and save and got a very small maxtrix for the public. Maxtrix i like the name. But, it is a food court. Inside got many ofmy favourite food. Like japanese and some desserts too. Drink are sold $1 and above. But, ice kachang is quite expensive. $5 to $6 and above. Japanese food i like is ugine rice i guess is $5 to $5.30. Got many others choice there to choose too.

My course is mechtronics. T-shirt is red colour i just like same as the tie. It is new to me and i got to learn. I bad at d and t this also d and t so i better do well and go to exchange learning program in japan.

In my secondary school, My exchange program is in Malaysia at Kota Kinabaru. But, i fail to go in. Due to what... =( Due to the H1N1 outbreak in singapore. So the trip is cancel for that virus reason... what a waste. Miss it... Aiya... Miss it...

But, now... New enviroment, New friends, New school, New ways And new direction to lead to a new future of studying. I got friends in ite also. Like my group leader in facebook he is at ite. Duno he go which ite sch and what course he take. But, i will tell him again when he is free. And... Ite friends from Ite collage east. Dexter. He is a best friends to me. Learn and teach new things with him in the internet like msn is gd. So, good that he can tell me what to do even if his sch is different than mine. But, we are so called " I T E Student ".

Feel nervous... When school starts on this monday the 10/1/2011.

Got to jia yous and hope can get to poly and to get a GPA Point more. Even this course i not very like. But, there is still hope for the normal tech student. I am not giving up already. My secondary school i give up a lot. So, i did regret... For math no choice i did my best try hard but indeed still fail.

If i not like the course i still can " Drop Out " during march and i can go in to other course. My best course is computer. I good at it during my secondary school but just i cannot in. Hope i can in, if i choose to drop out. But, if i choose to drop out i waste another 1 years of studying. The problem is now. Will i choose or not to drop out and to make my decision well plan and organize.

Ok ! Now i guess all the best and hope i do well to my new future. Bye ! Readers ! Good Luck Too ! ^ ^