Friday, July 10, 2009

^^ ~ Exciting Day Today ~ ^^

Friday 7+ reach sch. When go sch no late coz due to H1N1 everyone must have assembly in their own classroom than after that we got temperature taking. :0

Wait for quite a number of minutes. Zzz... Teacher say read yr books... Opps '0' never bring ... lolx so i read science bk, nid do some revision. At 8 am, 4 lesson on Cpa, go computer lap and teacher say go down stair ltr for some making on our IC.

Luckily i make alr ... or else nid go down and wait so sian lo... All of my classmate when down for making IC accept me and two other boys. We so free nth to do... so, teacher let us go in to internet and use com. Wa ! fb, fs, youtube and some more they knw cannot go in. Teachers block.... =( Only Tagged and Blog and msn. The msn i found it at their internet at customize so i add them in and than add out so they don t knw. He He ... :)

So i on msn and log in without notice, even if there is no msn we still can chat using E-buddy right. gd website at the end is still chatting. Hahaz... =) After Cpa lesson ends is our math lesson. So gd our math Teacher not here hahaz he so many week or days no come to sch lo. I think he should be on MC or sick that y he no come for many days. Our Cpa teacher still teach us how to create Internet. Wa ! so i learnt is so easily and look cools. But, nw nid find to download the software or buy outside for the software. =(

Math 2 period at 9:25 to 9:50 am - At 9:50 am is for the lower secondary recess. We free nth to do. Another teacher comes to our classroom never teach us. She only cover up our Math teacher MC so somebody can look after us and our class. Yay ! so i still for revision on science.

Math lesson ends at 10:45 am is for the higher secondary recess. So is ours too, i never go to recess, i only sometimes go to recess... Most of the time, i at classroom doing some revision or sometimes doing nth.... Zzz ... -,- bored .... Zzzz

After our recess ends at 10:45am, We must still take another temperature taking. After all is important due to H1N1. So we took the one is the morning and another one in the afternoon two time. We will take down the temperature on our attendance bk for temperature page.

Recess Ending, Here comes science, we got 3 lesson on it and i was shock another teacher comes. Duno who is she but She cover up our science teacher because our science teacher no come today. Yay ! Free again. U think i did what ??? ______ Is Revision again ! coz nth to do aiyo. So sian but how no choice.

Revision on science is a must for me, or else my marks cannot push up and when i don't push up my marks on science. Cannot Pass my science exam. I only do some revision sometimes not always. Revision is sometimes good because got something to do, even is bored sometimes is still something. To help u , or else sian lo, How ??? No Choice...

Science only 3 period and on Friday all my lesson ended at 12:35. So fast dismiss. My school assumption - On Monday and Friday dismiss early at 12:35, others day like tuesday and thursday dismiss at 2. On Wednesday Than i hate a lot.... =( y? dismiss at 6pm + cca.

During wednesday, time dismiss so Late and such a hurry too ! =( i just hate it but how? Again no choice. Just must get thought it.... On wednesday, nid to be quite sian and hurry. End at 1:30 for all our lesson and our lunch time only 1Hr and 45 Mins... After that, Nid change to cca uniform, etc. Things regarding cca..... =( ..... And end at 6pm ..... =( ..... Wa ! just so long "Hours" lolx.

Boring Day for me is on "Wednesday" Hope no cca at all. But due to H1n1 no cca ^^ Yay ! But,
:( 2 weeks only so fast end. No fair i though until H1N1 end. Zzz ...=(

That All ~ End Here ~