Saturday, December 31, 2011

Japan Opens Up To Rate Immigrants

Points-Based System May Begin Next Year And Draw In 2,000 Workers

From Newspaper Reports Tokyo - Japan will begin rating some foreign immigrants with a point system next year that gives visa preference to those with higher education and skill levels, the Mainichi newspaper reported.
The  programme may begin as early as next spring and aims to attract as many as 2,000 workers. the Mainichi said yesterday, citing the Justice Ministry. The rankings will work similar to those in Canada and the United Kingdom, the newspaper said.
The world's third-largest economy is under pressure to admit more overseas workers to mintain competitiveness as its population ages and shrinks, said Mr Noriaki Matsuoka, an economist at Daiwa Asset Management in Tokyo.

Japan's working-age population will drop to 80 million by the end of next year from a peak of 87 million in 1995, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates. "This experiment is the first step to a more open country," Mr Matsuoka said. But "even if you have the policy in place, you need to address linguistic and cultural barriers as well."
Under the plan, foreign professionals with higher scores will be allowed to stay in Japan for a longer period of time and be given priority for processing their immigration paperwork, the Mainichi said.
Specialists such as professors, doctors and corporate managers deemed highly skilled will be allowed to stay in Japan for five years and face relaxed requirements to apply for permanent residency. Their spouses would also be allowed to work in the country, according to the report.

A foreigner with a doctorate and at least 10 years of practical experience would be awarded 55 points, the Nikkei newspaper said. Another 10 to 50 points could be given based on salary and more for passing a Japanese - Language Exam. Foreigners would need at least 70 points to qualify for benefits under the programme, Nikkei said, also citing the Justice Ministry.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Impossible Resolutions

Happy New Year !

Unfortunately, I'm one of those who are afraid that the Mayan Prophecy would come true and Mankind would become extinct. Or there will be a new beginning. Either way, it does not sound too promising.
Before the world comes to an end ( That's my negatvity specking ), perhaps it's time to make a few ( Last ) resolutions. Exactly a year ago, my resolution was to cut my hair. I did, but it reverted to the haystack that it was.
:( To be honest, I've never really believed in New Year Resolutions. Every year, I resolve to be thinner, but my waistline keeps expanding towards the opposite sides of the East-West line instead. And, sometimes, northwards. A resolution, in my opinion, shouldn't be made at the start of the year. It makes the task look daunting and impossible to achieve. Those who make resolutions that are easy to fulfil would tend to proocrastinate, because we know we have more than 11 months to take up the challenge.

An effective way that I learned from a Japanese Drama ( Never Underestimate The Power Of The Media ) , is to write your goal on a piece of paper  and paste it in a place where you can see it everyday. In the drama, the young man wanted to make a million dollars to buy a house for his ill mother. When ever he faced difficulties, he would look at the paper and recall his mission to spur himself on.

Perhaps we could take a leaf out of his book and paste our resolution beside the poster of our favourite idol. For Me, My Favourite Idol will be always ~ AKB48 ~ SKE48 ~ NMB48 ~  After all, we see that poster everyday, don't we ?
Alternatively, find someone who has achieved what you want to, so you can use him or her as a role model. Don't burn with jealousy every time you see them. Channel that envy into something more positive to motivate yourself to reach the goal.

Are You Up To The Challenge ?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SKE48 Picture.

I Like This SKE48 Trip Picture.

Also This SKE48 Picture. This is SKE48 Sleeping Picture.
Both I Like It Very Much < >

SKE48 - Team S Members.

SKE48 - Team KII Members.