Friday, September 16, 2011

♥ ~ Japanese Girl Band SCANDAL’s ~ ♥

Beneath their silky smooth tresses, pretty faces and sweet toothy grins, these four girls from Japanese pop rock band, SCANDAL, are a standout from your usual idol groups. They play their own music, pen their own lyrics, and pack a mean punch with their drumming and cachy guitar rifts.
In singapore for ther Asia tour and debut ' Baby Action ' Showcase, a second show on Saturday was added to the girls lineup after popular requests made by fans.
Decked in girly punk-rocker fashion of black and red, the four girls ( Tomomi Ogawa, Haruna Ono, Rina Suzuki, Mami Sasazaki ) who were initially chatty amongst themselves, appeared more subdued in front of the camera in their interview with xinmsn. They took turns to field questions in japanese from this reporter, and had quite a bit of fun teasing each others and making replies.
Their first overseas tour, band leader Haruna 23, shared that they are "excited to have more fans"
at their first singapore 'live' concert this time round.
L-R : Tomomi Ogawa, Haruna Ono,Rina Suzuki, Mami Sasazaki
Leader : Haruna Ono
When we ased if the girls had any pre-concert rituals to soothe their nerves before a big gig, Rina,the group's drummer replied, " Since our band was formed, we usually have this ritual before our show where the four of us will make a circle and clap each other's shoulders. That's how we relieve our nervousness. "
Smiling brightly, the youngest member who just turned 20 this year, quickly added, " Though I feel that being nervous is an important thing, and I did probably be nervous forever. "