Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sorry my national Service has come. And i lucky get office. Those admin work. I will be off for 2 year or 2 and a half year. i every evening can still go back not a stay on course. But, if i got the chance, . This year 2013 on the May 14. <<< My dooms days Lol... >>> Army. But. ya. I guess be independent also good.... For me, My BMT ( Basic Military Training )  is only 4 weeks... and those weeks are the most hardest part... : (

For >>> Dragon Nest <<< Online Game... Ah... Reach Level Max...  lvl... > > > ~~~ >>>  Lvl 50 ! ! !now have to wait for GM to created more level... I am  Sorceress Smasher. That  all.

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