Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Is My Opinion Only.

All Things being equal, why do some people succeed where others fail ? Sometimes success doesn't come to the smartest person in the room, nor the most resilient, but to the one who's most gracious.

1 . * ~ Don't Take Sides ~ *
As human beings, it's easier to pass judgment on others than to be unbiased and listen to both sides of an argument. But when you show that you are capable of being fair in your dealings with people, you earn their trust and admiration. Co-workers will gravitate towards you since they are assured that their interests are taken care of while they serve yours. ^_^

2. * ~ Talk Less, Listen More ~ *
Listening is one of the most underrated skills at the workplace. When people talk over each other,very little is achieved at the end of the day. Take turns to let others have their say. You be surprised what you can learn when you are not trying so hard to make yourself heard. ^_^

3. * ~ Share Willingly ~ *
It's easy to become self-centred when you are focused on attaining a goal. But that "Me, me, me" mentality is a sure-fire way for things to backfire. No one likes to deal with someone who only has his own interests at heart. Be willing to share the credit and collaborate with others. Two heads are better than one. ^_^

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